11 Fashionable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Unique Necklaces And Jewelry Mom Will Love!

It's hard to choose a gift for Mother's Day that will make your mom feel truly special. For children young or grown, it's a great time to recognize all of those things that your mom has done for you throughout your life, starting with bringing you onto this earth. For those looking for jewelry ideas, here are some great finds that can be personalized and will become sentimental, not just for the materials they're made with, but because of their meaning. (Just click on the name of the item to get more information on any of the gift items suggested below.)

#1 Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea- Modern Heart Locket

Modern Mom and Baby Heart LocketModern Mom and Baby Heart Locket

This unique locket features an abstract symbol of mother and child embracing, but it has even more significant meaning for moms. The locket comes with individual birthstones, one for each month of the year that way moms can place their children's birthstones in the heart to be close to theirs. Of course, that might become problematic if more than one child is born during the same month! (See Modern Locket)

#2 Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea - Fingerprint Necklace

Fingerprint Heart Pendant for MomFingerprint Heart Pendant for Mom

Making molds of a child's feet, hands or fingers has long been the practice of parents around the world, but typically, the resulting items do not allow parents to carry them around as a reminder of their children. Etsy store Rock My World has put together a unique creation that moms will certainly love to receive for mother's day. The cast a child's fingerprint in silver and shape it as a heart. With a Swarovski crystal and sterling silver chain; moms can always have that reminder of their love for their children, represented in a very unique way.

#3 Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea - Round Photo Locket

Modern Round LocketModern Round Locket

For moms who aren't into typical locket jewelry but still want the advantages of keeping their family's photos close to their heart with the unique and modern round photo locket. The photo compartments unfold vertically and can hold six pictures. Moms can put each of their children, and if they don't have six beloved pets and perhaps even a husband can make an appearance. (See Round Locket)

#4 Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea - Lucky Heart Locket

Lucky Heart Locket for MomLucky Heart Locket for Mom

Another fun format for a locket that a more traditional mom is sure to appreciate looks like a classic heart locket when it's folded up. But moms can also have the option to show off their children's pictures by leaving the locket open, at which point it somewhat resembles a four leaf clover. What could be luckier than giving mom the opportunity to keep her children's pictures as a good luck charm from mother's day onwards? (See Heart Locket)

#5 Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea - Pearls of Joy Necklace for Mom

Pearl Insbribed Necklace for MomPearl Insbribed Necklace for Mom

This is a unique design that moms will appreciate whether they like a more classic or modern jewelry. The base is a simple silver disc that can be customized to include the names or initials of children and other loved ones. For the more classic mom there's one freshwater pearl placed in the middle of the pendant and a couple of smaller ones along the chain.

#6 Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea - Baby Feet Necklace

Baby Feet NecklaceBaby Feet Necklace

Similar to traditional baby foot moulds, the baby feet necklace features a similar design. Of course, they're not real baby footprints otherwise the pendant would be huge, but moms who like that look and want to carry it with them will love this unique Etsy necklace.

#7 Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea - Mom Coin Pendant

Simple Gold Mom NecklaceSimple Gold Mom Necklace

Simple and sweet for those moms who love to show off the fact that they are a proud parent. The 24 karat gold pendant says "Mom" surrounded by two little hearts studded with diamonds. Since some moms prefer to be called "Mum" over "Mom" this is a design that still applies as it can be interpreted either way. Having a mom inscription would be so appreciated by moms, since it's the name that the most important people in their lives call them! (See Coin Pendant)

#8 Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea - Mom and Baby Necklace

Mother and Baby Heart NecklaceMother and Baby Heart Necklace

Featuring a similar design as one of the lockets above, the mom and baby necklace is traditional in a heart shaped design studded with diamonds. Built into the heart is a motif of a mom holding her baby, demonstrating that bond only a mother and child can have. Mom will know you appreciate it too with this necklace as a Mother's Day gift. (See Mom Baby Heart Necklace)

#9 Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea - Family Tree Necklace

Modern Family Tree Necklace for MomModern Family Tree Necklace for Mom

This design is meant to represent the family tree in a more abstract form. It's casual enough that all moms can wear this necklace daily. Set in sterling silver with a simple chain, the necklace can come inscribed with up to 5 or 6 names so moms can keep their family with them at all times despite the time they might be physically apart.

#10 Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea -  "M" Is for Mother Necklace

Definition of Mother NecklaceDefinition of Mother Necklace

For the mom who has her own definition of what it means to be a mother, but appreciates seeing it in print. This is a necklace that has a definition of mother reprint taken from an 1892 dictionary.  The look is definitely much more casual and even a little trendy, so it's a perfect Mother's Day gift for a young or casual mom.

#11 Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea - Four Leaf Necklace

Four Leaf Family Tree NecklaceFour Leaf Family Tree Necklace

A unique take on the family tree necklace is the four leaf modern necklace in silver. A perfect way to incorporate an element of family into a Mother's Day gift for the modern mom, plus each leaf can have an inscribed initial for each child or even a complete four letter name.

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