11 Fashionable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Unique Necklaces And Jewelry Mom Will Love!

#5 Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea - Pearls of Joy Necklace for Mom

Pearl Insbribed Necklace for MomPearl Insbribed Necklace for Mom

This is a unique design that moms will appreciate whether they like a more classic or modern jewelry. The base is a simple silver disc that can be customized to include the names or initials of children and other loved ones. For the more classic mom there's one freshwater pearl placed in the middle of the pendant and a couple of smaller ones along the chain.

#6 Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea - Baby Feet Necklace

Baby Feet NecklaceBaby Feet Necklace

Similar to traditional baby foot moulds, the baby feet necklace features a similar design. Of course, they're not real baby footprints otherwise the pendant would be huge, but moms who like that look and want to carry it with them will love this unique Etsy necklace.

#7 Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea - Mom Coin Pendant

Simple Gold Mom NecklaceSimple Gold Mom Necklace

Simple and sweet for those moms who love to show off the fact that they are a proud parent. The 24 karat gold pendant says "Mom" surrounded by two little hearts studded with diamonds. Since some moms prefer to be called "Mum" over "Mom" this is a design that still applies as it can be interpreted either way. Having a mom inscription would be so appreciated by moms, since it's the name that the most important people in their lives call them! (See Coin Pendant)