11 Fashionable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Unique Necklaces And Jewelry Mom Will Love!

#8 Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea - Mom and Baby Necklace

Mother and Baby Heart NecklaceMother and Baby Heart Necklace

Featuring a similar design as one of the lockets above, the mom and baby necklace is traditional in a heart shaped design studded with diamonds. Built into the heart is a motif of a mom holding her baby, demonstrating that bond only a mother and child can have. Mom will know you appreciate it too with this necklace as a Mother's Day gift. (See Mom Baby Heart Necklace)

#9 Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea - Family Tree Necklace

Modern Family Tree Necklace for MomModern Family Tree Necklace for Mom

This design is meant to represent the family tree in a more abstract form. It's casual enough that all moms can wear this necklace daily. Set in sterling silver with a simple chain, the necklace can come inscribed with up to 5 or 6 names so moms can keep their family with them at all times despite the time they might be physically apart.

#10 Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea -  "M" Is for Mother Necklace

Definition of Mother NecklaceDefinition of Mother Necklace

For the mom who has her own definition of what it means to be a mother, but appreciates seeing it in print. This is a necklace that has a definition of mother reprint taken from an 1892 dictionary.  The look is definitely much more casual and even a little trendy, so it's a perfect Mother's Day gift for a young or casual mom.

#11 Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Idea - Four Leaf Necklace

Four Leaf Family Tree NecklaceFour Leaf Family Tree Necklace

A unique take on the family tree necklace is the four leaf modern necklace in silver. A perfect way to incorporate an element of family into a Mother's Day gift for the modern mom, plus each leaf can have an inscribed initial for each child or even a complete four letter name.