10 Garlic Gadget Gifts For Your Favorite Garlic Lover

Garlic makes the world go round to a garlic lover, so the way to his or her heart is with a garlic gadget. Being a garlic lover myself, I bring some expertise to the table... I've chosen 10 garlic gadgets from about the 6 zillion ones created for the little bulbs. The gadgets are in four groups, based on their functions: Garlic Keepers, Garlic Peelers, Garlic Processors, and Garlic Roasters.


Garlic Keepers

Garlic can be kept at room temperature for a few weeks. The best way to store garlic I find is in a ceramic jar with air holes, which will keep moisture out but air circulating.


1. The Mamma Ro Garlic Keeper

Since Valentine's Day is nigh upon us, I thought I would show you this lovely garlic keeper in red; however, it is availalbe in other beautiful colors. Momma Ro's Garlic Keepers are handmade in Italy from earthenware pottery. They are a good size to keep several bulbs at a time: 5.5 inch diameter all the way around.



2. Norpro Ceramic Garlic Keeper

If you're on a tight budget, the Norpro Garlic Keeper is one of the larger (5") keepers and it is glazed ceramic. The Norpro is dishwasher safe too!




Garlic Peelers

Oh, you can pound your garlic with the flat side of a cleaver, but that often makes splat of a garlic clove. My favorite by far is this silicone peeler, so that's all I'm listing!


3. Zac Designs E-Z-Rol Garlic Peeler

The Zac Designs E-Z-Rol is just how it sounds. You place your clove inside and roll back and forth a few times and all the flimsy, papery garlic skin is gone. You can put a few cloves in the center of the roll and peel them all at once. Here's a pretty red one!



Garlic Processors

These processors are not necessarily electronic, though we tend to think electric when we see the word "processor." Processing garlic may involve chopping, mincing, slicing, dicing, mashing... whatever the recipe calls for, but mincers or garlic presses are the most common garlic gadgets.


4. Oxo Stainless Steel Garlic Press

This one's my tried and true. The Oxo Stainless Steel Garlic Press has nice wide handles that feel comfy in your hand, and the solid stainless steel insures long wear. (I've used smaller, thinner steel presses that have broken during use.)




5. Trudeau 2 in 1 Garlic Duo

The Trudeau 2 in 1 processes by pressing on one side and slicing on the opposite side, which is pretty clever! The 2 in 1 Garlic Duo is made of die cast zinc, and has a comfortable padded cover. It comes in three colors; red, green, and blue.




6. William-Sonoma WS Ratcheting Garlic Press

This is a new garlic gadget I have not tried, but its mechanism looks interesting. Instead of using a head-on press, the WS uses an angled ratchet press. That and its large basket may be why it can both press 6 cloves at a time and skin them too! The William-Sonoma WS Ratcheting Garlic Press allows detachment of its press plate for cleaning. (Update: This press is no longer available. However, this garlic press  gets exceptional reviews.)




7. IMCG SV850 Mr. Garlic Peeler & Press

The Mr. Garlic Press comes with a separate peeler that resembles the silicone peeler above, but is made of a plastic elastomer. Mr. Garlic has stainless steel mincing parts and a plastic body and can be used to store minced garlic in the refrigerator. (Update: This press is no longer available. This garlic press may be worth considering for its exceptional ease of use.)




Garlic Roasters

There's nothing like the taste and odor of roasted garlic... to a garlic lover. Garlic is roasted whole with skins and It takes about an hour just to roast a few bulbs to smear on your Italian bread. When you consider the size of a garlic bulb compared to the size of a conventional kitchen oven, the proportions are out of whack for the amount of energy used, so I wait until I'm cooking something substantial in the oven and pop the garlic in at the same time.


8. Norpro 5.5 Inch Garlic Baker

...And the Norpro Garlic Baker is what I use. Again you want to use a ceramic container with holes, just as you would for storage, but for roasting you need to use a vessel that's specifically made to withstand high, dry temperatures, like this terra cotta garlic baker. The Norpro 5.5 Inch Garlic Baker will hold 3 - 4 large bulbs of garlic.




9. Tagco Roasted Garlic Express

If your garlic lover is a real fanatic, you will want to get him or her this electric Tagco Roasted Garlic Express. The one shown below is the largest Tagco roaster and the shiniest... with a brushed stainless steel cover. Here's your energy saver, a nice little countertop roaster, that only takes 27 minutes to roast your garlic. (Update: This item is no longer available.)




You can save some money by purchasing a glazed Tagco Roasted Garlic Express. It's about 18 percent smaller and comes in white, pink, and black. (Update: This is no longer available, but this roaster is a similar roaster worth considering.)



10. Garlic, Garlic, Garlic (A Garlic Book)

Okay, so it's not a garlic gadget, but it is a super gift for a garlic lover. Garlic, Garlic, Garlic, subtitled More than 200 exceptional recipes for the world's most indispensable Ingredient, is a wonderful cookbook, to be read with a glass of wine and some garlic roasting in the kitchen. It is authored by a pair of garlic lovers, Fred and Linda Griffith.



What about a nice red Italian dinner with plenty of garlic for Valentine's Day?



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Jan 28, 2009
by Anonymous

I am a garlicaholic, if such

I am a garlicaholic, if such a word exists. But the gist is that I love garlic...and so I loved this post. Keep up the great work...