10 Hot 2009 Calendar Gifts For Men

A little of this, a little of that, and just a tad of naughty make up the 10 Hot 2009 Calendar Gifts For Men. Just remember that "hot" can mean many things and my primary meaning is that these are hot-selling. However, I've pushed the envelope as far as I could with some pretty sexy pin-up picks.


1. Best Zombie Pin-up 2009 Calendar: Where Beauty Eats Braaaaiinns!

Blood, gore, and 1950's style pin-up "gore - gious" women. Careful, your man might be supper! San Francisco based zombie photographer shot most scenes in Golden Gate Park, so at least they're in splendorific settings. This is a limited edition calendar; if you put it on your list, you better buy it soon!

October Zombie PinupOctober Zombie Pinup

2. Best Instructional 2009 Calendar: Men's Health 2009 Calendar, A Year Of Amazing Abs!

What New Year's resolutions don't include getting buff? If this calendar doesn't give him all the exercises and tips he needs for getting and keeping those 6-pack abs, I don't know what will. Every month shares different exercises, with a whole set of instructions for beginners to advanced ab workers. Get him the Men's Health 2009 Calendar!