10 Hot 2009 Calendar Gifts For Men

A little of this, a little of that, and just a tad of naughty make up the 10 Hot 2009 Calendar Gifts For Men. Just remember that "hot" can mean many things and my primary meaning is that these are hot-selling. However, I've pushed the envelope as far as I could with some pretty sexy pin-up picks.


1. Best Zombie Pin-up 2009 Calendar: Where Beauty Eats Braaaaiinns!

Blood, gore, and 1950's style pin-up "gore - gious" women. Careful, your man might be supper! San Francisco based zombie photographer shot most scenes in Golden Gate Park, so at least they're in splendorific settings. This is a limited edition calendar; if you put it on your list, you better buy it soon!

October Zombie PinupOctober Zombie Pinup

2. Best Instructional 2009 Calendar: Men's Health 2009 Calendar, A Year Of Amazing Abs!

What New Year's resolutions don't include getting buff? If this calendar doesn't give him all the exercises and tips he needs for getting and keeping those 6-pack abs, I don't know what will. Every month shares different exercises, with a whole set of instructions for beginners to advanced ab workers. Get him the Men's Health 2009 Calendar!

3. Best Live Action Still Photography Calendar: Ski, Autour du Monde

Really awesome shots of skiers in flight on the world's toughest mountains. These skiers look so free, yet totally in control. The stuff ski dreams are made of in the The Ski, Autour du Monde (around the world) calendar. It speaks French. At Calendars.com.


4. Best Swimsuit 2009 Calendar: Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2009 Wall Calendar

Of course! Nothing else compares to the sexy beauties sported by Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar. Gorgeous models of all colors, bikini-d and beached for these great photographs. The swimsuits are pretty cool too! Get yours here !


5. Best Interactive 2009 Calendar: Darts 2009 Wall Calendar

The Darts 2009 Calendar offers 12 original dart boards, one for each month, and comes with its own set of darts! Great for a stress break, Darts would be perfect as an office calendar, or in a rec room, for when the buddies are over. Darts 2009 Calendar is available here . 


6. Best Sci-Fi Nerd Pin-up 2009 Calendar: Nerdcore 2009

In its third annual calendar, Nerdcore really outdid itself. The James Bond-y pin-up poses are super-imposed on awesome Sci-Fi scenes. Sexy women and great photos, all Nerdcore-d. Get Totally Nerdcore'd

7. Best Extreme Golf 2009 Calendar: Toughest Golf Holes 2009 Calendar

Golfers will love the Toughest Golf Holes calendar, because the gorgeous photos from all over the world are shots of real golf holes (shudder, shudder) and the narratives about each photo are very clever and hilarious! Purchase at Amazon.com.


8. Best Fabulous Guitars 2009 Calendar: Fender Custom Shop Guitar

Twelve of the most dazzling guitars are in this calendar, built by the premier guitar maker, Fender. You can hear Jimi Hendrix playin' rock 'n roll, just looking at that Stratocaster! Fender Custom Shop is available here .

9. Best Vintage Vixen 2009 Calendar: It's So Good To Be Bad Calendar

With vintage photos of glamorous movie stars being just a little naughty, It's Good To Be Bad is a great combination of theatrical history, sultry sexuality, great photography, and some of the most seductive memorable quotes of the 20th Century, like Tallulah Bankhead's famous, "It's the good girls who write diaries. Bad girls never have the time." Here's Mae West herself on the cover, with "Good girls go to heaven, bad girls... go everywhere."Available here .

10. Raciest 2009 Calendar: Aussie Exotics

You can's get much racier than the 12 raciest sports cars in the world, and the great auto photographers whose art shows the cars at their best! Aussie Exotics 2009 Calendar is available from redbubble.


I think I'll just take the Lamborghini...

Aussie Exotics August 2009Aussie Exotics August 2009

The best calendars will go quickly. Get them while they're hot!
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