Forget The Booze! 10 Great Gifts For Wine Lovers

Every day more medical studies are released about the health benefits of wine, and the predictions are that more people every year will become interested in how wines are grown, develop their taste, their bouquet, and prioritize their favorites, classifying themselves as "wine lovers".

Booze is out, wine is in! If you're afraid to pick out a bottle of wine for wine lovers you know, here are 10 gadget and food gifts they will love!


Wine Lover Gift 1: Oster 4207 Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Everyone claims to have the best new wine bottle opener, but the Oster 4207 works like magic! While the wine steward may yank a cork out with his little corkscrew bottle opener, your friends don't necessarily want to suffer from bursitis later in life. And if they have carpal tunnel already (and who doesn't?) they will really thank you. Place the Oster on the bottle top and press a button; the Oster cuts open the seal and pops the cork before you know it. Learn more about the Oster 4207 Electric Wine Bottle Opener.



Wine Lover Gift 2: Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator

Every wine lover looks for the perfect way to aerate wine. Aerating wine for 1/2 hour or hour before drinking releases any "bottled up" bitterness sediments can leave. Decanting wine is one way to aerate, but the Vinturi does it without having to pour the wine into another vessel. Just pour the wine into the glass through the Vinturi Wine Aerator and it will automatically sense the amount of aeration the wine needs. No need to wait 1/2 hour; just toast and drink!. Learn more about the Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator.



Wine Lover Gift 3: Portable Cooler/Warmer Mini Fridge

This 15 pound cooler/warmer is a wonderful gift, not just for camping or tailgating, but for wine storage at home. The reason: all wine has a perfect temperature at which it tastes best. You can't get that temperature from ambient air or from the fridge; you need a special wine refrigerator. But wine refrigerators are costly and take up a lot of room. That's why this Portable Cooler/Warmer Mini Fridge is perfect! You can set it to whatever temperature is desired and make sure of it by checking the big LED readout. Find out more about the Portable Cooler Warmer Mini Fridge. (Update: This mini fridge is no longer available. Another portable mini fridge to consider is here.)



Wine Lover Gift 4:The One Minute Drink Chiller

Here's yet another way to chill your wine, one bottle at a time. Put any bottle in the Drink Chiller and in less than a minute you will get your desired temperature. The Chiller stops automatically when it reaches your desired temperature, so there's no reason to worry about freezing your bottle of wine! The One Minute Drink Chiller even has a a 12-volt car adapter so you can take it with you for camping! Find out more about the One Minute Drink Chiller. (Update: The One Minute Chiller has been discontinued. A virtually identical Rapid Beverage Chiller is here.)



Wine Lover Gift 5: Clinton Cork Screw Wine Bottle Opener

Here's a little nostalgic gift -- or a gag gift? -- for a Clinton lover or hater, who likes opening bottles the old fashioned way. See the cork screw between Bill Clinton's legs? Enough said. Sturdy in resin and steel; learn more about the Clinton Cork Screw Wine Bottle Opener.





Wine Lover Gift 6: Metrokane V1 World's First Vacuum Decanter

Vaccum pumps are often used to re-seal a wine bottle, so wine can keep as much of its original flavors as possible. The Metrokane uses the same technology with a decanter, so once your wine has breathed, you don't need to funnel it back into the wine bottle. Great idea! The Metrokane comes with a 52 ounce hand blown crystal decanter, a stopper with a vacuum gauge (great!), and a hand pump. Learn more about the Metrokane V1 World's First Vacuum Decanter.




Wine Lover Gift 7: The World's Strongest Crystal Red Wine Stemware

If you're not a red wine drinker, you may not appreciate how delicate most red wine glasses are. They break very easily, particularly at or near the top of the glass where the crystal becomes much thinner than in the bottom. Of course, any glass with a stem is fragile also. This Italian blown Strongest Crystal Red Wine Stemware was tested and proved to be 105 percent more durable than traditional wine glasses, and they rinse clean! They're super! Set of 6 at a very good price here. (Update:This stemware may no longer be available. A similar set of super strong stemware is available here.)




Wine Lover Gift 8: Wine Glass Drying Rack

Now this is a life-saver... or a glass saver, if you wish. The worst part about drinking wine is that it's next to impossible to get a crystal clear glass to pour it in. Try as you might, every material you can think of to dry a glass, doesn't really do the trick. This simple drying rack has so many places for air to flow that it claims to dry glasses fast, without water spots or fog. Learn more about the Wine Glass Drying Rack.



Wine Lover Gift 9: Traditional French Cheese Gift Tray

Wine goes with food, and you can't miss by getting your wine lover a tray of scrumptuous French cheese, because.... well, wine was just made to go with French cheese. I've bought this tray as a gift for others and for myself, and it's wonderful. And you don't have to worry about it's freshness or delivery time. Overstock has them both covered. Here's the Traditional French Cheese Gift Tray.(Update: Overstock no longer has the item, but Amazon has a similar french cheese sampler.)



Wine Lover Gift 10: Wine Lover's Chocolate Collection

Some say that dark chocolate goes even better with wine than French cheese. Who can say, except either way you're not likely to miss because they are both great, one pre-meal and one post-meal. The San Francisco Chocolate Factory has put together a specturm of dark chocolates for the wine lover in collectable tins. Wow! (Update: This chocolate may no longer be available. A similar chocolate sampler to complement wine is available here.) 



All this writing about wine, has made my palate dry. Going to open a bottle right now ; I sure wish I had all those new gadgets, not to mention... the gift trays. Ah well, maybe Santa Claus will bring me some.


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