10 Perfect Presents For 10 Types of Geeks

Dorks. Nerds. Geeks. If you read this site, there's a good chance you are one, or at least are friends with one. That may have been a bad thing in middle school, but in adulthood, we really start to see that thinking different is actually a great thing.

You probably have a few dweeby friends on the list who might be a little hard to shop for if you don't know where to find the perfect gift. So to help you out, here's a few suggestions:

1. Perfect Gift For The Geek on the Go:

Everyone hates being stuck at the airport, but when people have to fly regularly it really becomes a drag. The solution? Watching videos from your iPod -only without having to stare at that tiny screen. The iPod Video Glasses are a super cool gift for a person who doesn't mind looking lame.

2. Perfect Gift For The Geeky Homemaker:

Nerd cooking is admittedly not the highlight of the culinary world, but hey, everyone needs to eat. With that in mind, why not get a gift that any Star Wars fan is sure love and able to use. The Darth Vader Toaster is not only cool looking, it's also something that makes cooking hard to mess up. Or perhaps the Jesus Toaster is what you want for your daily bread?

3. Perfect Gift For The Pre-pubescent Nerd:


One thing most dweebs have in common is an inability to attract a mate. For those pimple-faced little boys, a Sci Fi Nerdcore Calendar with pictures of a hot girls may be as close as they'll get to touching human flesh all this year. You won't only be giving them a calendar, you'll be giving them hope -and, in a way, that's the greatest gift of all. (Update: This is no longer available.)


4. Perfect Gift For The Geeky Hipster:

Scenesters are all just nerds at heart, they're just losers who are still kind of cool. This Alien Coffee Press is a great gift to feed their caffeine addiction and give them something out of the ordinary to show their other dorky friends. It will go perfect with the Alien Mug and Saucer.

Staring AlienStaring Alien

5. Perfect Gift For The Geeky Baby:

Babies are the only creatures that look cute even with a load in their pants. Make light of their infancy plight with this cute "Diaper Loading...Please Wait onesie." Hey, nerdy babies need love too.

Dec 3, 2008
by John P. Barker
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I want ALL of these...

 Great article!

I wonder if they make that onesie in XL adult size...

Dec 3, 2008
by Anonymous


So #7...hey, there's dorkettes that think we're knights too! The Renfair is not just a boys club.