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10 Perfect Presents For 10 Types of Geeks

6. Perfect Gift For The Sugar Loving Nerd:

Know someone who loves sweets? Do they also love Star Wars? Then you have justs found the perfect gift for this dork. The R2 D2 cookie jar is just what the doctor ordered for your friends with the munchies. I have to admit, he's pretty darn cute. Of course, beware the product warning that advises you not to put food of any kind inside the R2 D2 cookie jar. Darn that pesky lead paint. (You can also get Darth Vader.)

7. Perfect Gift For The Dork Who Thinks He's A Knight:


Ah Ren-fair Geeks, you gotta love them, even if you think they're a total joke. Sometimes though, they can be intimidating, particularly when you get them the wrong gift and they scream about beheading you. So what is the right gift for a Renaissance fair lover? A mini catapult, of course!

8. Perfect Gift For The Pseudo Sophisticated Geek:


Photo by: Joyce Lyndurston [Flickr]

Who says nerds don't appreciate the finer things in life? When some techies grow up and become yuppies, they still need cool gadgets to remind them of their roots. This  Magnetic Wine Conditioner can turn crummy, run-of-the-mill wines into vintage beauties. The tool recreates the alcohol aging process magnetcis and accelerated aeration.

9. Perfect Gift For The Obsessed Gamer Nerd:

Gamers always need a cool way to store their games and this is probably the ultimate in video game design. This functional Nintendo controller coffee table looks awesome, stores video games on the inside and, best of all, actually works as an NES controller. Who wouldn't want this fantastic triumph over modern design? I'd sure love to bust some Tetris on this bad boy.


10. Perfect Gift For The Unfathomably Vain Nerd:

Know someone who's into dorking out and looking at themselves at the same time? Then they'll love to stare at their Legoselves all day and night. Who wouldn't love a life-sized version of themselves hanging out in their home? While Lego sculpting is cool, being an ego maniac is not, but the less they know, the better.

There you go, every dweeb, dork, L7 weenie and more should be satisfied with at least one gift from this list. Have a great holiday season!

Note: Updated and republished from article  first published on  December 3, 2008.

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Jill Harness
Weird Gizmos, Toys and Whatnots 

Dec 3, 2008
by John P. Barker
John P. Barker's picture


I want ALL of these...

 Great article!

I wonder if they make that onesie in XL adult size...

Dec 3, 2008
by Anonymous


So #7...hey, there's dorkettes that think we're knights too! The Renfair is not just a boys club.