10 Innovative Uses of Semi Trucks

Germany's Rhino Rolling Advertising Awards are a display of creative marketing. Companies and agencies submit their best mockup showcasing innovative advertising ideas on the sides of trucks. The competition was held in 2005/06, 2006/07 and 2007/08, and a 2009 competition is coming soon. Here are some highlights of the creative ads:

The winning ad for 2007.


The second-place advertisement for 2007.


This notable ad from the 2007 competition has the illusion of a train car inside.


The slightly creepy 2006 winning ad.


This creative advertisement came in second place in the 2006 competition.


The third place ad for 2006 showcases larger-than-life chocolate bars.


This ad for Pepsi Light was the 2005 winner.


The second place ad from 2005, which is a little unnerving, appears to show the truck's driver going backwards.


This ad, from the 2005 competition, shows a drink bottle that looks like it is sticking out of the side of the trailer.


In this ad for Pringles Hot & Spicy, the hotness of the chips appears to have burned the inside of the truck.

Winners of the competition actually get to see their mockups turned into real truck ads.

What do you think? Would these truck ads be fun to see, or distracting on the road?

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Jul 22, 2008
by Anonymous

10 Innovative Uses of Semi Trucks

How come the background never changes..... ?????

Aug 14, 2008
by Anonymous

because everyone is provided

because everyone is provided with the same picture to do their mock-up in... -_-

Jan 23, 2009
by Anonymous

obviously not real.

obviously not real. background never changes.

Jan 24, 2009
by Anonymous

these are noted in the

these are noted in the article to be mock-up ads...no one ever claimed that they were real pictures of trucks on the roads!

can people _please_ appreciate things on the internet for what they are!?