10 Strange Guitars That Make You Want To Be A Rock Star

Dreaming of being a famous rock star is common. Almost everyone does it; whether it’s the people who play music video games like Guitar Hero or those who claim to be air guitar masters. In order to be a legendary rock star, you have to have a guitar that fits you and is above all, cool.

Some guitarists like to keep it simple with acoustic guitars. Others like to look more stylish on stage with an instrument that’s their favourite colour. The select few even like to cross the line of ordinary and use double neck guitars.

The following are guitars that have taken a giant step past that boundary.


Strange Guitar #1. Patriotic To The Tip

This creatively carved design is the perfect guitar to rock out on the Fourth of July weekend. Aside from resembling how the United States of America looks like on a map, the strange but cool aspect of this guitar is the finely carved and detailed eagle head.



Strange Guitar #2. For Those Who Love That Fluffy Feeling

Even though it probably feels extremely soft, this fluffy guitar just doesn’t look right. Lets hope no stuffed beanie babies were harmed in the process



Strange Guitar #3. Weird, Simple and Yet Interesting

These unique instruments resemble a banjo but they’re actually cigar box guitars. Along with creating a unique sound, they’re fairly easy to make!

Source: Shane Speal


Strange Guitar #4. From A Flipped Point Of View

Created by Dewey Decibel, these FlipOut guitars are actually well-known. They’ve been featured in several magazines and are even used by some musicians.

The “Austin City Cab” and “Shameless” models pictured below are just some of the unique designs available.

Source: Dewey Decibel


Strange Guitar #5. A Tripling Effect

The Ibanez Jem Tripleneck guitar has been seen on several magazine covers and even on “The Tonight Show” in 1993. The sleek design is just another one of guitarist Steve Vai’s creations.

Source: Steve Vai


Strange Guitar #6. Two For The Price Of One

Created by David Minnieweather, the GuitarBass is truly an unusual design. Mostly made out of African white wood, the instrument has 22 frets on the guitar side and 14 frets on the bass side.

Source: Odd Music


Strange Guitar #7. An Ultra Guitar

Another invention used Steve Vai, the “Ultra Zone” guitar was built in 2001 by Alistair Hay of Emerald Guitars in Ireland. Finished in Triflash paint, the reptile-like paint job turns from gold to green to red (depending on how the light hits it).

Source: Steve Vai


Strange Guitar #8. A Star Of A Replica

The John Entwistle Foundation Bass is a replica of the instrument used by the famous bassist for The Who. The bass guitar is sold exclusively by Ed Roman Guitars and The John Entwistle Foundation.

Source: Ed Roman


Strange Guitar #9. Some Things Just Aren't As Sharp As This

Entirely handmade in the U.S., the Gladiator Triple Omega Guitar is perfect for a rock star who wants to make a statement. Just be careful when you’re swinging it around on stage!

Source: Ed Roman


Strange Guitar #10. Perfect For....Spring?

No, its not a fake plastic replica. The Daisy Rock Artist Electric Guitar is specifically designed for young girls. However, it just may not the be guitar someone would want to show off.

Source: Musician's Friend

Which one do you think is the strangest guitar? Are there any other unusual guitars you know of?

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Jul 4, 2008
by Anonymous

Love the ZZ Top fuzzy guitars

Although not as elaborate as the others, they were featured in the ZZ Top MTV videos from their album Eliminator.

Aug 8, 2008
by Anonymous


those r wierd guitars but awsome