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11 Lively Hanukkah Menorahs & Dreidels For Jewish Pet Lovers


9. Cat & Mouse Menorah

These cats are in stripes for a reason - probably a very good reason.  Great personalities from Jessica Sporn. Cat & Mouse Menorah.




Dreidels are four-sided spinning tops that are used to play a children's game called T-Totem, during Hanukkah.  The ceramic dreidels presented below are for ornamentation only.


10. Ceramic Cat Dreidel

Adorable, expressive cat faces on each side of the Ceramic Cat Dreidel; hand-painted, stand included.




11. Ceramic Dog Dreidel

I love the spinner on this Ceramic Dog Dreidel; it's a dog bone!  Four lively dogs on the sides, this one has a cat dinner in mind!



You have eight days, not just one, to give your Jewish pet lover a Hanukkah gift!


That's the buzz for today!