10 Hilarious Wedding Cake Toppers Tell It Like It Really Is!

Their tears of joy will turn to tears of hilarity when your guests see these wedding cake toppers.  No sentimentalism in them, they just tell it like it is with the personalities of the brides and grooms caricatured right on their wedding cakes.   Many of the funny wedding cake toppers are made in Caucasian and non-Caucasian sets, or they are sold as individual figurines that you can mix and match by gender, race and, of course, characteristic trait.  In keeping with the times, you can pair couples of mixed races and/or same sex couples.

These humorous wedding cake toppers also make fun shower gifts that the bride can use on her wedding cake and/or keep as a figurine in a special place in her home. And you can use many of these as shower cake toppers and groom cake toppers too.


Wedding Cake Topper #1

Let me get right back to you on that, okay?



The Fanatic Cell Phone Bride and Groom are sold separately, in the designer's mix and match collection, but these two fanatics make a perfect pair, don't you think? Each figurine is hand-painted porcelain and is 5.5" high.


Wedding Cake Topper #2


Psst... Did I ever tell you that I LOVE your butt?



This one's a bit more subtle than the others... Perfect for the pair who want to project the prim, proper, and the playful!  The Love Pinch is hand painted porcelain, 5.625"


 Wedding Cake Topper #3


Guests? Oh, the heck with them!




Why wait?  The honeymoon starts as soon as he can lift up her gown! The bride and groom are inseparable in this sexy cake topper, but they are available in Caucasian and African-American couple versions. Hand painted resin.


Wedding Cake Topper # 4


This is  a joke, right?




The brides are known to always be on time to their own weddings... that is, of course, unless they are Still Shopping.  This two piece wedding cake topper is available with a Caucasian and African-American groom, who is 5.5" in hand painted porcelain.  Stand is 4" high, and can be purchased separately.


Wedding Cake Topper # 5

Where is she? She knows I have a tee-off time at five!




The golf fanatic groom is a great topper for a groom's cake or for a wedding cake when paired with one of the mix and match brides and grooms.   There is also a soccer fanatic groom and others you can see on the mix and match page.


Wedding Cake Topper #6


Ok, 99. If anyone gets out of hand, you cover

your side of the family and I'll cover mine.



This hot couple is either in the spy business or they're jealous as heck.  Super Sexy Spy is sold as a pair in hand painted resin.


Wedding Cake Topper #7


 Ooh Mom! I really caught one this time!


 The only fish she ever caught and it was six-foot-five!  Now that's a fish story.  The bride and groom are available as sets or as mix and match individuals, in Caucasian and non-Caucasian.


Wedding Cake Topper #8


Oh, no you're not!





There are no shortage of women dragging men to the alter, but this groom appears to want to slip away.  Not on his life!  The Comical Bride and Groom cake topper is sure to land some knowing chuckles....


Wedding Cake Topper # 9


 On second thought, I think I'll take out some insurance...



Just your typical Ball and Chain hook-up, guaranteed to evoke some hearty laughter.  Resin figurine.


Wedding Cake Topper #10


Sorry dear, but I'm wearing the pants in this family!




There are even more to enjoy here.

Have fun with your wedding!  You only have one, two, three, or four of them in your lifetime!



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Jun 10, 2009
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wow, these are really cool. And I love the story behand the wedding cake toper. Nice.