10 Hi-Tech Wristwatches That Any True Geek Would Love

When it comes to gadgets, a wristwatch is a staple for any geek. You?ve got to have the dorkiest watch around in order to be a true geek.

Here's a look at some of the newest and most innovative watches on the market today, and they are definitely all ?nerd-approved? ? to say the least.

UPDATE: Most of these watches are no longer available.  If the item is still available, you can find out more by clicking on their link. 

1. Cell Phone/PDA Watch ($199)

This watch encompasses a cell phone, PDA, and it even plays MP3s and videos. The touch-screen display (yeah that?s right, I said touch-screen) is 1.3 inches in size and features 176 by 220 pixel resolution. This little gadget will act as a cell phone by simply placing your cell phone?s sim card into it, and you can talk to people with the built-in speaker. It features only 60 MB of built-in storage so don?t expect to get a ton of music and video into this watch, but at least you have the ability to do so.

2. Mr. Gadget 1GB USB Executive Watch ($229)

The Mr. Gadget Executive Watch is actually a pretty normal looking watch, with the exception that it doubles as a USB storage drive. You can store up to 1GB of your favorite files, pictures, video, or music in this device and access it later on any computer. All you need is a regular USB cable to make the process work. This is actually a really good idea.

3. Garmin Forerunner 405 Watch ($200)

Garmin introduced the Forerunner 405 at this year?s CES. Being that Garmin makes this watch, it of course has a built-in GPS chip that helps to keep location information. Aside from that main feature, this watch is great for athletes, because it will track your speed, distance, and heart rate. It?s also water resistant, for those who enjoy jogging in the cool rain. (Amazon )

4. Binary Time Watch ($70)

Talk about the ultimate geek watch. This watch doesn?t even display the time in normal fashion. Instead it displays time in binary code (1,2,4,8,32). I know nothing about binary code, so I guess I?m not the ultimate geek. The photo shows 10:15 as the time (I didn?t figure that out by myself so don?t ask how I read it!).

5. Qiao Xing Mobile?s W100 Mobile Phone Wrist Watch ($?)

This new watch is only currently available in China, to the best of my knowledge. Lets hope it more widely available soon, though, because this watch has just about every feature that you can imagine. This watch features a touch-screen display, 1GB of memory, music player, Bluetooth, FM radio, camera, and more (whew!). This is one of the "smartest" watches that I've ever seen. (Businesswire )

6. WiFi Detector Watch ($29)

Here's an inexpensive solution to those people who use WiFi-equipped devices while on the road, and they don?t know where the nearest Internet hotspots are. This useful gadget will seek-out WiFi signals, and display the signal strength of these signals on the watch?s display on a scale of 0 to 8 (8 being the highest signal strength). For under $30, this may be a great gift idea for somebody who uses WiFi Internet on the road frequently. (Funponsel ).

7. Alcohol Tester Watch (under $100)

This is a watch that many people wish they had at one point or another, because it may have saved them a lot of money on court costs and attorney fees. This Breathalyzer watch will display your blood alcohol level after a night of drinking by simply blowing into the side of it for 5 seconds. Will this gadget lower the amount of DUI arrests each year? Probably not, but it could still come in handy at times ? assuming that you?re not so drunk that you forget to use it! (A&A Product Co. )

8. Turtle TW-800 GSM Cell Phone Watch ($199)

This wristwatch is more of a cell phone than an actual watch, but it?s worn on your wrist. It features a full-color touch-screen, MP3/MP4 capabilities, PDA functions, and it even comes with a stereo Bluetooth headset ? and oh yeah, it will also tell time. Expect to see this hi-tech gadget in stores later this year. (CES-show )

9. Jules Jurgensen ?Uncrushable? Diving Watch ($300)

This watch is for you deep-sea divers out there. At first glance, this wristwatch just looks like a regular old decent looking watch, but its build quality is what sets it apart from the competition. This watch will withstand depths of up to 3,000 feet. The faceplate is made of the hardest mineral crystal available, and it uses a variety of washers and o-rings inside the watch to provide the tightest seal possible. So next time you plan on deep-sea diving over a half mile down beneath the surface of the sea, make sure you bring this watch and let me know if it crushes under the pressure!

10. TAG Heuer Diamond Fiction Watch ($Too much!)

For the geeks out there who have made it, here?s the watch for you. This watch is made out of an obscene amount of diamonds (879 to be exact) with the time showing through them via 54 LEDs. This watch is so expensive that TAG Heuer lists the price as ?inestimable?. If you?re reading this, and you can afford this watch, shoot me an email so we can be friends! (TAG Heuer ) (Update: This watch may no longer be available.)

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Dec 6, 2008
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You forgot every single Tokyoflash watch.