10 Hot Products to Keep Your Pets Cool

Pets love to be outdoors in any season, but summers are especially dangerous times for them. Dogs and cats, especially, are not physiologically equipped to handle hot weather, as they can only sweat through their footpads, mouths, and noses. Here are ten innovative pet products to keep your pets cool during the dog days of summer:


1. Keep Pets Cool with the PETCool Therm-ASSURE System

The PETCool Therm-ASSURE system attached to Lacy's house offers year-round comfort for her as she can have air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. Lucky Lacy! PETCool systems start at about $379 and are available from several vendors who, right now, seem to have the product on backorder. Think it's the dog days of summer?

It riles my wings that so many products that are marketed for dogs are just as relevant and appropriate for cats. Nevertheless, the PETCool Systems also works well for cats, who may have a special room without installed climate control.


2. Keep Pets Cool with the WaterDog Outdoor Pet Waterer

WaterDog Outdoor Pet WatererWaterDog Outdoor Pet Waterer

Meandering dogs and cats need water often in the summer. And what better place to get it than right from the tap? The WaterDog Outdoor Pet Waterer, by Contech, senses when your pet is nearby and releases fresh water from the faucet. Again, despite the name "WaterDog," this item is perfect for cats who won't drink anything unless it's streaming or in the toilet!


3.Keep Pets Cool with the Dog Sit N Sip

The Dog Dip N SipThe Dog Dip N Sip

Now my dogs usually dunk in the same water that they drink, but if you can teach yours to differentiate bathing water from drinking water, than you have a special dog. The Dog Dip N Sip attaches to your garden hose, which supplies a constant flow of fresh water to your dog's pool and drinking areas. The pool comes in medium ($170) and large ($220) and is available through its Canadian manufacturer, Dog Dip N Sip. You may have to order this by phone but that number is listed on the website. (Update: The Dip N Sip is no longer available, but this Dog Splash looks great.)


4.Keep Pets Cool with the Cool Bed III

Cool Bed IIICool Bed III

No dog can call himself spoiled without a waterbed, now can he? And the Cool Bed III, upgraded from I and II, is how you're going to spoil him. But to really finish your baby off, you must furnish his new bed withbolster covers and fitted sheets , right? (That plastic can get sticky!) Small, medium, and large Cool Beds are in the range of $40 to $90; fitted bolster and bed sheets range from $20 to $53 per item. The Cool Bed III instructions and warranty information are available in PDF here. (I'd check with the manufacturer to see if the plastic is durable enough to withstand cat scratches.)


5.Keep Pets Cool with the RPCM® Cool Vest for Dogs

The Chilly Dog Cool VestThe Chilly Dog Cool Vest

The RCPM Cool Vest for dogs has its origins in a vest that was developed for firefighters to keep their body heat down in fiery environments. Glacier Tek, the makers of Cool Vests, then adapted the vest for working dogs in Afghanistan and Iraq. And now these vests, that stay a cool 59 degrees in 100 degree heat, are available commercially at its CoolVest website. The site has some good links to information about the importance of keeping your dog's body temperature low. Ten percent of every sale goes towards the outfitting of military working dogs. Prices range from $99 to $129. You can also purchase a vest for yourself on this site. (If you would like to donate money to help support Cool Vest donations to dogs in Afghanistan and Iraq, go to Support Military Dogs.)  If these are too pricey, there are also so good cooling vests for sale for about half the price on Amazon.)


Jul 31, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Neat Stuff

especially that temperature-controlled house.  However, I don't like the one "without climate control" for cats--cats like to be warm and would appreciate the heat more than a dog.   Maybe the cat one should have some artificial sun rays for basking.

Jul 31, 2007
by makeworldbetter
makeworldbetter's picture

AC dog house is just a overkill

Dogs can sustend heat better than us, today's city people.

Just provide them with a good shade and plenty of water, they will do fine. I don't think they will feel comfortable when you make them wear strange stuff on them.

Jul 31, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

It is NOT An "overkill"

Dogs don't sweat so have to pant to try to keep cool.  I'd argue that it is MORE difficult for them to keep cool and that the A/C is a good idea, as well as the heat for winter. 

Dogs really shouldn't be tied outside to a dog box 24/7, but if they have a temperature-controlled living area, that would be more tolerable.