10 Hot Products to Keep Your Pets Cool


6.Keep Pets Cool with Grip Tex Dog Boots

Grip Tex Dog BootsGrip Tex Dog Boots

No self-respecting dog would wear a vest without matching shoes now, would she? Senior Pet Products.com has a selection of dog shoes to protect her feet from the ravages of hot tar and cement walkways, as well as possible cuts, burrs, and insect stings lying in wait for her pretty paws.The shoes shown at right are Grip Tex Dog Boots and a set of four sellsl for $55 to $60. You can purchase custom-made shoes for your dog or obtain instructions on making her shoes yourself. Also, check out Watson All Terrain Dog Shoes. (There is also a large selection of dog shoes on Amazon.)


7.Keep Pets Cool with Cool-It Bandanas

Kyjen Cool-it BandanaKyjen Cool-it Bandana

Cooling bandanas were the rage for people several years ago. Well, now they have cooling neck wraps for dogs. The Cool-It Bandanas come in various neck sizes and these particular ones go the extra mile, incorporating protective reflective bands. Prices range from $3 to $7.






8.Keep Pets Cool with Petbrella

The PetbrellaThe Petbrella

Aha! An umbrella to shield your pet from the sun! The Petbrella pet umbrella was designed just for him; in fact, you will have to squat pretty low to get under it. The steel stake is 22 inches high and 7 inches thick. The water-proof polyester covering has a six foot diameter, and the umbrella has an extra stake with a tie-out for a leash. On sale now for $30 (regular price is $50).


9.Keep Pets Cool withWhite Hot Pet Safety Sunblock Shades

White Hot Pet Safety Sunblock ShadeWhite Hot Pet Safety Sunblock Shade Of course, our pets should not accompany us on errands during hot summer days. But if they must, make sure you have a few White Hot Pet Safety Sunblock Shades in your car. Easy to install, these shades block the sun from shining in the car, but allow you and your pet to see out. They also tell you when it's white hot in the car, revealing the word "hot" when it's too hot for your dog to be in there! Very moderately priced at around $8 per shade.



10.Keep Pets Cool with the WindChaser Outdoor Misting Fan

WindChaser Outdoor Misting FanWindChaser Outdoor Misting Fan

The WindChaser Outdoor Misting Fan is a treat for the whole family. Hook it up to your garden hose and turn on the fan and the temperature feels like it dropped about 20 degrees! I just purchased this fan and I became a fan ot it. The WindChaser is a very sturdy fan, can be raised and lowered easily, and it uses just the smallest amount of water pressure to create a great flowing mist. While the air cools several yards away from this powerful fan, you should set it up at least two yards from furniture, human, and pet targets as the mist is heavier at close range. When not using the mist, you can use the fan inside your home to keep you and your pets cool. Amazon sells the misting fan for $87 with free shipping. Also, you can read reviews of the WindChaser from other customers. (Update: This is no longer available but Holmes has a nice misting fan as well.)


About Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is a serious problem for humans and pets. Our four-legged pets are just not built for the heat. In fact, between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.(give or take an hour, depending on where you live), you should refrain from taking your pets for long walks, trips in the car, or outdoor play, so they do not get overheated. Invest in an ear thermometer and keep it handy to take your pet's temperature when it's hot. Read up on the signs and symptoms of heat stroke and be prepared to act quickly if your cat or dog exhibits them. Here are just a two articles to get you started:Heat Stroke in Cats and Beware of Heat Stroke.

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Originally published  July 2007 and updated June 2015.

Jul 31, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Neat Stuff

especially that temperature-controlled house.  However, I don't like the one "without climate control" for cats--cats like to be warm and would appreciate the heat more than a dog.   Maybe the cat one should have some artificial sun rays for basking.

Jul 31, 2007
by makeworldbetter
makeworldbetter's picture

AC dog house is just a overkill

Dogs can sustend heat better than us, today's city people.

Just provide them with a good shade and plenty of water, they will do fine. I don't think they will feel comfortable when you make them wear strange stuff on them.

Jul 31, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

It is NOT An "overkill"

Dogs don't sweat so have to pant to try to keep cool.  I'd argue that it is MORE difficult for them to keep cool and that the A/C is a good idea, as well as the heat for winter. 

Dogs really shouldn't be tied outside to a dog box 24/7, but if they have a temperature-controlled living area, that would be more tolerable.