10 Magical Ways To Use Mushrooms In Your Decor

Many cultures from east to west have a mysterious love for the mushroom. Not the eating of the mushroom, necessarily, but the less tangible, more folklore-ish aspects of mushrooms. In folklore, mushrooms eat bugs, or protect the leprechauns from the rain, or relish rock and roll music! But, the mushroom, in most cultures, is good, good luck, and yes, some of them are magical mushrooms. Here are 10 mushrooms that will bring magic, and maybe some good luck, into your home.


Magical Mushroom 1. Eero Aarnio, The Mushroom

These classic Mushrooms are a charming addition to a home, no matter where they live. And they are a unique bit of history from the period of 1960's when they were first designed by celebrated Finish designer, Eero Aarnio. The Mushroom "caps" dip in the center, which contributes to their sculptured look. Large Mushrooms are about 12" x 20"; small Mushrooms are about 8" x 15". Fibreglass material, the Mushrooms are available in 9 colors from Amazon.com.



Magical Mushroom 2. Simon Duff Mushroom Floor Lamp

This is a mushroom to ache for. The Mushroom Floor Lamp, made in limited edition by Australian designer Simon Duff combine high-impact looks with low-impact energy, two of Duff's primary design goals.




Magical Mushroom 3. Luceplan Agaricon Table Lamp

This mysterious mushroom is aglow with diffused light. Just three inches at the base, the lamp mushrooms into a 16" cap where its light turns on and off by a touch of the aluminum sensor ring on the rim of the cap. The Agaricon Table Lamp is designed by Ross Lovegrove and is available in polycarbonate orange or jade at Lumens.com.



Magical Mushroom 4. Pierre Paulin For Artifort Mushroom Chair

This Mushroom Chair by one of the most talented interior designers of the past 50 years, is probably the most famous of all "Mushroom Chairs. Designed in 1960, the chair is in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Now made in New Zealand wool, meeting California's flame retardant standards. Available in several colors through Amazon.com.





Magical Mushroom 5. Pierre Paulin For Artifort Mushroom Ottoman

Here's an ottoman that works with or without a matching chair. Available in colors to mat h the Pierre Paulin Mushroom Chair, the Mushroom Ottoman has magical powers of its own.




Magical Mushroom 6. George Kovacs Mushroom Series Table Lamp

George Kovacs has been designing au courant lamps for 50 years and shows no signs of stopping. The elegant retro Mushroom Lamp you see below is made of tangerine glass with chrome trim. Available at Amazon.com.



Magical Mushroom 7. Autoban Mushroom Family: One Mushroom Chair & Two Mushroom Coffee Tables

The Mushroom Family was designed by Turkish designers Seyhan Özdemir and Sefer Çağlar of Autoban, and built by the eminent De La Espada fine furniture makers. The Mushroom Family is available in black walnut and white oak finished with a danish or white oil and a choice of white or black glass, and our complete range of fabrics. Available from De La Espada.








Magical Mushroom 8. Paper Cloud Mushroom Pillow

All hand printed and hand sewn, the Paper Cloud Mushroom Pillow is sure to match any decor in its dark taupe and linen white colors. (No longer available. Another mushroom pillow here.)




Magical Mushroom 9. Roost Cargo Mushroom Stool

Now this stool really looks like a giant mushroom. Hand-carved from bark-edged mango, the stool stands 18.5" high and is 15" in diameter. Really unique! Available at Velocity Art & Design.




Magical Mushroom 10. Zuo Modern Mushroom Chair

In Zuo Design fashion, the Mushroom Chair is simplicity and style in a very sleek stool, that looks like it could be an end table in a pinch. The stool is 20" high and has a 20" diameter and is available in black and white. Designed in ABS plastic, the Mushroom Chair is a good sustainable investment.





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