10 More Hot Products To Keep Your Pets Cool

Almost three years ago I wrote my first blog for InventorSpot.  It was about ways to keep your pets cool in the summer.  Those products are still great for chilling out your pets in the summer, but I thought I would add another 10 to the list.

If you own pets, especially dogs, you should know that they are even more prone to heat stroke than humans. Take proactive steps to make sure your dog doesn't succumb to heat stroke, because it can be deadly.  Older and/or disabled dogs are at higher risk, as is any dog that is walked or exercised in the sun on a hot day, or in a yard without shelter, or left without a source of cool water at all times. Shave your dogs or cut them short, use sunscreen, don't exercise them between 9:00 and 5:00, keep them away from hot tar roads and cement sidewalks... Use common sense.


1.  Keep Pets Cool With The Guardian Gear Swimming Pool

Most dogs love to swim and it's great exercise for them, but absent swimming in the family pool (if you have one) this sturdy, easy to set-up, dog swimming pool is a great place for doggies to chill out on a hot day.


Guardian Gear Dog PoolGuardian Gear Dog Pool


2.  Keep Pets Cool With The Super Skamper Pool or Lake Ramp For Dogs

Easy to attach to a boat or swimming pool, the Super Skamper makes it easy for dogs to ease in and out of the water after swim or cool down.  Make of high impact, UV resistant plastic, the 42 inch ramp holds dogs up to 200 pounds.


Super Skamper Dog RampSuper Skamper Dog Ramp


3.  Keep Pets Afloat With The Kyjen Outward Hound Life Jacket

The Kyjen Life Jacket is for use in deep water if your dog can't swim, or you are afraid he might tire from swimming.  It should also be warn on light boats or rafts in case of tipping.  Many dog surfers wear these as well.  They are very light weight and I personally found them the best life jackets for the price.  My own dogs have worn them. 




4.  Keep Your Pets Cool With The Cool K-9 Evaporative Cooling Dog Reflective Safety Vest

The Cool K-9 sews up polymer crystals inside its lining.  When soaked in water, it provides coolness to your dog's back and chest and his heat transfers to the jacket where the water eventually evaporators. The reflective bands are great to keep him visible when out hiking, hunting, or walking outdoors.


Cool K-9 Evaporative Cooling Safety Vest for DogsCool K-9 Evaporative Cooling Safety Vest for Dogs


5. Keep Your Pet Cool With The Canine Shower Stall

Sixteen jets give your dog a real hose down, penetrating the thickest hair.  Soap him up if you like, or just let him enjoy the cooling waters. The Canine Shower Stall comes with a hand-held sprayer to rinse hard to reach areas, two leaches to restrain your pet, a shelf for shorty dogs, and dual locking doors to keep the water-shy dogs from taking off. 


 Canine Shower StallCanine Shower Stall


6. Keep Your Pet Cool With Cool Vest For Dogs

Cool Vest is made from a special fabric that absorbs water well, and it's the fabric that protects your dog.  There are no polymer crystals, so the Cool Vest is more lightweight.  Pour a bottle of water over the outside of the vest and it's ready to wear.  The inside liner protects your dog from getting wet.


Cool Vest For DogsCool Vest For Dogs


7. Keep Your Pet Cool With The Canine Cooler Bed

The Canine Cooler is meant to be used indoors or outdoors, out of direct sunlight.  Fill it with water once, and you probably won't need to fill it again.  It is non-electric, non-toxic, and "paw puncture proof," as well as easy to clean.  It's like sleeping on a water bed; your dog will love it.



8. Keep Your Pet Cool With The Metro Vacuum Cage/Crate Cooling Fan

Wherever your dog or cat is confined when you are gone, a cooling fan can make a big difference in his comfort.  The Metro Vacuum Cooling Fan hangs right on the bars of a cage or crate.  It is battery operated, runs very quietly, and has two speed settings.


Metro Vacuum Cage/Crate Cooling FanMetro Vacuum Cage/Crate Cooling Fan


9. Keep Your Pets Cool and Safe With Playapup UV Protective Visor

Your dog should always have protection for her eyes when she's outside. Glare from roads and sidewalks, water or snow, is very harmful to a dog's eyes. I prefer Doggles dark lenses for my dogs, because they are completely protective, not only against the sun, but sand and other debris that can land in a dog's eyes when it's windy.  But I know that some of you will think that Doggles are silly, so my second choice are these PlayaPup UV Protected Visors that shade the eyes and will provide 50+UPF protection. They come in a variety of colors and are dog-fashionable.


PlayaPup UV Protective VisorPlayaPup UV Protective Visor  


10. Keep Your Pet Cool With MidWest Sunblock Exercise Pet Top

For those of you who keep your pets in an outdoor penned area, you'll be glad to know that MidWest makes pen covers that allow air through, but block the sun.  The woven polyethylene top provides 80 percent sunblock protection.


MidWest Sunblock Exercise Pen TopMidWest Sunblock Exercise Pen Top


Don't forget to check out the Comfort Control Pet Carrier and the original 10 Hot Products To Keep Your Pets Cool; those products are still hot!  I mean cool(ing)...


That's the buzz for today!



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Jun 14, 2012
by Foschellit9

Kudos to inventors behind

Kudos to inventors behind these cool inventions. I own a ramp for my dog and was looking for the safety vest and asked CheapPoolproducts to add pool equipment for dogs, as for the vest; they told me they would include the vests in their pool safety section. I hope more sites would help make these dog pool equipment commercially available.