10 More Hot Products To Keep Your Pets Cool

6. Keep Your Pet Cool With Cool Vest For Dogs

Cool Vest is made from a special fabric that absorbs water well, and it's the fabric that protects your dog.  There are no polymer crystals, so the Cool Vest is more lightweight.  Pour a bottle of water over the outside of the vest and it's ready to wear.  The inside liner protects your dog from getting wet.


Cool Vest For DogsCool Vest For Dogs


7. Keep Your Pet Cool With The Canine Cooler Bed

The Canine Cooler is meant to be used indoors or outdoors, out of direct sunlight.  Fill it with water once, and you probably won't need to fill it again.  It is non-electric, non-toxic, and "paw puncture proof," as well as easy to clean.  It's like sleeping on a water bed; your dog will love it.



8. Keep Your Pet Cool With The Metro Vacuum Cage/Crate Cooling Fan

Wherever your dog or cat is confined when you are gone, a cooling fan can make a big difference in his comfort.  The Metro Vacuum Cooling Fan hangs right on the bars of a cage or crate.  It is battery operated, runs very quietly, and has two speed settings.


Metro Vacuum Cage/Crate Cooling FanMetro Vacuum Cage/Crate Cooling Fan


9. Keep Your Pets Cool and Safe With Playapup UV Protective Visor

Your dog should always have protection for her eyes when she's outside. Glare from roads and sidewalks, water or snow, is very harmful to a dog's eyes. I prefer Doggles dark lenses for my dogs, because they are completely protective, not only against the sun, but sand and other debris that can land in a dog's eyes when it's windy.  But I know that some of you will think that Doggles are silly, so my second choice are these PlayaPup UV Protected Visors that shade the eyes and will provide 50+UPF protection. They come in a variety of colors and are dog-fashionable.


PlayaPup UV Protective VisorPlayaPup UV Protective Visor  


10. Keep Your Pet Cool With MidWest Sunblock Exercise Pet Top

For those of you who keep your pets in an outdoor penned area, you'll be glad to know that MidWest makes pen covers that allow air through, but block the sun.  The woven polyethylene top provides 80 percent sunblock protection.


MidWest Sunblock Exercise Pen TopMidWest Sunblock Exercise Pen Top


Don't forget to check out the Comfort Control Pet Carrier and the original 10 Hot Products To Keep Your Pets Cool; those products are still hot!  I mean cool(ing)...


That's the buzz for today!



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Jun 14, 2012
by Foschellit9

Kudos to inventors behind

Kudos to inventors behind these cool inventions. I own a ramp for my dog and was looking for the safety vest and asked CheapPoolproducts to add pool equipment for dogs, as for the vest; they told me they would include the vests in their pool safety section. I hope more sites would help make these dog pool equipment commercially available.