10+ Really Neat PINK Household Gizmos That Support Breast Cancer Causes

There are so many reasons to buy pink, the first reason being that every home needs a blush, a bit of modesty, even if its false modesty. The best reason to buy pink now? It's hot to support breast cancer awareness month, aka October, and many manufacturers of household products are supporting breast cancer education and awareness activities with proceeds from your pink purchases.

Here are 10+ of my favorite pink pickin's....

1. Pink Tear-Free Onion Goggles

The Onion Goggles by RSVP are the coolest things since cats eye glasses! Oh, they are cats eye glasses.... Clear polycarbonate lenses with a foam seal to prevent any onion air from entering the eyes. Fear tears no more, the Onion Goggles are here... in pink! Available at The Kitchen Outlet or Amazon . During October, the Kitchen Outlet is donating 20 percent of its pink sales to the Los Angeles Breast Cancer Alliance!


2. Trudeau Boardroom Carafe


A stunningly dressed,34 ounce, stainless steel and pink faux-leather carafe to keep you in hot coffee, tea, or chocolate during the day. You have to admit, it's kind of sexy to keep around your office! Available from Amazon.com , Trudeau gives 5 percent of its proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


3. Cocoa For The Cure Cocoa Pot, Cups, and Automatic Whipper


This darling pink ceramic cocoa drinking set is just perfect for a chilly evening by the fire or radiator. Hot cocoa can even be made in the 32 oz. pot with the automatic whipper... Just add your cocoa to hot water or milk and give it a spin or froth it up. Dishwasher and microwave safe. A portion of the proceeds from this purchase goes to breast cancer research. Available at The Kitchen Outlet.


4. KitchenAid® Cook For The Cure Appliances


KitchenAid is going all out for pink this year with many new pinkies to support breast cancer awareness. Up to $50 will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation from appliances purchase above... and there are even more on its website!


5. KitchenAid Cook For The Cure Pink Measuring Tool Sets

I MUST give special attention to this funky pink set of measuring spoons and cups. Everyone needs at least two sets of these! This set is available at Amazon.com or at the KitchenAid website.

6. PJ Maxwell Extra Hands: Mixers, Scoops, and Dessert Sets

Extra Hands? They're so darn handy! The low center of gravity gives you a lot more control too! One set for mixing salads...


One for scoopers of veggies or potatoes...


And the third for dessert of cake or pie!


All reasonably priced at the Kitchen Outlet. 20% goes to Los Angeles Breast Cancer Alliance!


7. Bialetti 8-Piece Pink Cookware Set


Every once in awhile, it's time to replace the old set of cookware you got for your first wedding... what was his name? Bialetti's a great way to go as the company stands behind its products, and this set is very reasonably priced at $119. $10 per set purchased will go the the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The set includes a 2, 3, and 5 quart saucepans with tempered glass lids, plus 2 saute pans, 8" and 10." Available at Bialetti Shop or Amazon .


8. Pink Gardening Gear


Not everything pink is for the kitchen! These five items are so well-priced you might want to purchase all of them... but, you don't have to. The pink visor, watering can, gloves, fork and pick are all sold separately, inexpensively, and help the breast cancer awareness cause. Adorable with a pink gardening apron or pink smock! All available at AlwaysBrilliant.com.


9. Metrokane® Original Rabbit Wine Corkscrew Tool Kit In PINK!

If you haven't heard about the Metrokane Rabbit Wine Cork , let me tell you how easy it is to pop your cork with this gadget! It's foolproof and fast, and it's even ergonomic with soft grip pads. With the Rabbit, you get an extra coil, bottle stopper/pourer, and foil remover... everything you need to enjoy a bottle of wine. Available at Bed Bath & Beyond or Amazon.


10. Riedel O Crescendo Pink Wine Glasses


Riedel has made a number of wine glass sets in pink this year to support breast cancer charities. The Crescendo Pink swells upward from the base to the glass of this stemless set. Chardonnay is what's intended, but whatever you have will most certainly do. Available from the Riedel Webstore.

Even if you don't buy pink this October, make an appointment for a mammogram, remind a loved one to get a mammogram, set a monthly schedule for a self-check, participate in a run or walk-a-thon to support the cause. Visit the Susan G. Komen For The Cure to learn what you need to know about breast cancer.


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