10 Romantic Getaway Destinations: Most Unique Themed Hotels From Around The World

If you're looking for a last-minute getaway to surprise your beloved this Valentine's Day, it's not too late to throw something together no matter where you live. Last minute or not, venture to any of the unique themed hotels below and you're sure to have a romantic and memorable time! With hotels worldwide with themes that serve any interest, your loved one will never know that you weren't planning ahead! There's a pretty good chance guys or gals that you'll get lucky, and it won't be a result of questionable lingerie purchases at all.

#1 Romantic & Unique Themed Hotel - Kinky Hotel

Kinky HotelKinky Hotel

If you've got a wild man or wild woman on your hands, then the Propeller Island Hotel in Berlin, Germany is probably the spot you want to be heading for Valentine's Day. Act fast, because each of the rooms are different, and if it's the coffin room (actually called the Gruft Room) that you've got your heart set on; or the Two Lions room complete with cage these will surely be snapped up first! Yes, this is the luxury hotel for the Kinky European!

#2 Romantic & Unique Themed Hotel-  Hotel for the Art Lover

Hotel for the Art LoverHotel for the Art Lover

The person you love into modern art? Then the LALALA Art Hotel in Poland is the place to visit. Each of their rooms is designed by a different artist, and all have entirely different looks and feels. Some rooms are more classy and romantic, while others are more sterile, and others still eclectic in design. Artists featured at this hotel include Jakub Rebelka, Iwona Cybula, Asia Piascik, Marek Mielnicki, Emilia Bartkowska, Patrycja Orzechowsk, Kuba Bakowski, Honorata Martin, Ula Wasielewska and Joanna Zastrozna.

#3 Romantic & Unique Themed Hotel -  Hotel for the Surfer

Hotel for the SurferHotel for the Surfer

We all know someone who has a love of all things brand name, and not everyone goes for the runway-chic styles. There are many clothing brands based on the laid-back surfer lifestyle. So, this Valentine's Day instead of surprising your sweetie with a clothing item from their favorite brand check out Laguna Beach's Camino Hotel where every room is branded. Rooms have been designed by Billabong, Glaceau, Rip Curl, Etnies, Roxy and Quicksilver. Relax and hit the surf both in and outside of your hotel room!

#4 Romantic & Unique Themed Hotel - Hotel for the Tech Lover

Hotel for the Tech LoverHotel for the Tech Lover 

The Chicago Elysian Hotel is ideal for that individual who has a love for anything high-tech but also appreciates a luxurious surrounding. Men or women who visit this hotspot will appreciate the LCD TV mirrors that vanish or the touch screen VOIP phones, along with a bathroom perfect for Valentine's Day relaxation once the fun moves from the techie toys to all that other good stuff you checked in for.

#5 Romantic & Unique Themed Hotel - Fairy Tale Hotel Trailer

Fairy Tale Hotel TrailerFairy Tale Hotel Trailer

With the word trailer in there, it might not sound too romantic, but Cape Town, South Africa's Granddaddy Hotel Trailer Project is a sight to be seen! Individual trailers have each been made over (much like LALALA) by individual artists. These, however, are a little bit less art-focused and more out of this world. Perhaps it's not the most romantic setting for a Valentine's Day getaway, but the Goldilocks and the Three Bears trailer is pretty neat. Just be prepared, it might ruin the mood if you've got little ones at home and you start thinking about their bedtime stories.

#6 Romantic & Unique Themed Hotel - Flying Hotel

Flying HotelFlying Hotel

Okay, so you might not find yourself on a flying hotel this Valentine's Day, no doubt the booking requirements need you to line up your reservations further in advance than the day of. Also, the really interesting concept is an enormous blimp prototype that just might take off soon, but has yet to come into fruition. Consider it like the floating cruise ship of the sky!

#7 Romantic & Unique Themed Hotel - Cruise Ship Hotel

Cruise Ship HotelCruise Ship Hotel

The cruise ship vacation is one that many seek after, but it requires more than a one-night stay. Turkey's Queen Elizabeth Hotel is a luxury spa designed to look like you're onboard a cruise ship whether you're inside or out. Now, that might not say much for the rooms, but if you want to be able to say you're going on a Valentine's cruise without ever setting sail, it's the place to be!

#8 Romantic & Unique Themed Hotel - Lovemaking Hotels

Lovemaking HotelLovemaking Hotel

In Japan, it's not necessary to disguise your motivations for taking a hotel room - it's okay and encouraged simply to rent a room to get it on. Referred to as lovemaking rooms or hotels, many of them have romantic or kinky designs to help patrons get right to the point.

#9 Romantic & Unique Themed Hotel - Hotel in the Blue Abyss

Hotel in the Blue AbyssHotel in the Blue Abyss

For a romantic vacation that's focused on nothing but you, your partner and the surroundings of the Indian Ocean, check out the Angsana Velavaru In Ocean Villas which are individual vacation villas on stilts. They're in the middle of the ocean and joined by a boardwalk to other luxury amenities!

#10 Romantic & Unique Themed Hotel - Rock Hotel

Rock HotelRock Hotel

For those who want to rock between the sheets on Valentine's eve, there's the Pavilion Fashion Rock ‘N Roll Hotel in London. It's a boutique hotel where every room has a truly rock ‘n roll design. Each room is inspired by a different era in music pop culture. You know what they say, if the room's a rockin', don't come a knocking!

If you're too late for this year guys and gals who have realized that Valentine's Day is about to be a big letdown, these unique themed hotels will still be around next season so start planning ahead to really sweep your loved one of his/her feet!


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I favor these hotels

Flying Hotel Zepplien.
Blue Abyss.
Cruise Liner.
Surfer are my Pix for best Romance Hotel.

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