10 Best Star Wars Toys All True Fans Must Have

Just about everyone loves Star Wars. Of course, it takes a special kind of fan to need every bit of their life to be accented with some type of movie memorabilia. Whether it be in the bath, the closet or in the kitchen, these goodies have every aspect of a true fan's life covered.

Weenie wing commander


Fight the Dark Side of BBQ with this great accessory built to keep your dog off the grill. Never again shall your weenie's heart be turned black when the heat is on too high. Fly your weenie through the dangers of grilling and smash the deadly hunger star building in your belly.


Star Wars Cookbooks


Do you remember any food in Star Wars? Neither do I. There's a reason for that -they don't  really cook food in Star Wars. And if they did, it certainly wouldn't be things like Wookie Cookies or Boba Fett-uccine. But who am I to criticize delicious food presented with a silly theme and awesome pictures? The first book did so well that they actually decided there should be a second book that includes Qui-Gon Jinn-ger Snaps, Darth Malts and more.


Yoda Plush Backpack


If you're just entering your Jedi training, it's crucial to know someone's got your back. And it certainly doesn't help if that person also happens to ride on your back. I know if I was a school bully, I wouldn't pick on someone with a Yoda backpack. Whether they use the Force to convince me “this is not the lunch money you seek,” or to fight me with their lightsaber, there's no good outcome when you mess with a Jedi knight.


R2D2 Aquarium



If you ever looked at R2D2 and thought, “he's cute, but he could really use some fish friends inside of his body,” then you're a total weirdo -but you're in luck. The R2D2 aquarium is not only cool in its stationary pose, it will even turn its head from side to side and make neat noises based on your vocal commands. You may not be able to train your fish, but you can always have your aquarium do your bidding instead.

Star Wars Rubber Duckie


Not only are the Pond Wars Ducks cute, they even have LED lights so you can turn down the lights and turn up your imagination. With adorable names like Luke Pondwater, Duck Fader, Pondtrooper and Princess Layer, it's hard to choose between the light and dark side of the force. Were they not close to $13 a piece, I would recommend buying one of each. Of course, there are a few ways this collection could be vastly improved -adding more characters. I need my Chewducka, Hans Solduck and Yoduck to really be able to act out the movie in my little tub day dreams. Maybe one day in a galaxy far, far away my ducks will come. (Update: These  ducks may no longer be available.)


Yoda Santa


Yoda is darn cute, until he starts to look like the Grinch disguised as Santa Claus. As Yoda Santa, he's started to look a little scary, like the makings of one of those cheesemo 80's Christmas horror flicks. At least the little boys and girls of the world will be taught patience next Christmas Eve.

TIE Fighter Speaker


Everyone loves a good stereo system. Nerds, of course, are no exception. When you really want to hear the rumbles of an exploding Alderon, just turn on these killer speakers and the accompanying subwoofer. The speakers are wireless, so they're ready to fly away toa galaxy far far away...better glue them down.


Yoda hat


If your little one not only likes Yoda, but wants to grow up to be Yoda, this hat is a great first step towards their transition. The marabou feather accent in place of hair really makes the cute ears stand out. The hats are custom made, so I assume if you really beg the creator, she may just make one in your size. Then won't your friend's be jealous? (Update:The Yoda Hat is no longer available.)


R2D2 Soy Sauce Bottle


The Japanese love Star Wars. Many Star Wars fans love the Japanese. Keeping that in mind, why not bring together the two worlds with this handy, dandy R2D2 soy sauce bottle. Of course, this lovely item is not limited to soy sauce, just fill the body with your sauce of choice and pour to your heart's content. (You can see a whole collectoin of great Star Wars kitchen items and gadgets here.)


Stormtrooper cuff links


If you're a stylin' geek on the go, you'll certainly love these Stormtrooper cuff links. Nothing says class like a pair of nice cuff links, and nothing says “I make tons of money in the computer industry” like wearing a sharp suit accessorized with stormtroopers.

So any of these Star Wars toys catch your eye? You may want to take a look at  Top Ten Star Wars Items for Your Kitchen?


Originally published in January 2009 and updated in May 2015.


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Jan 16, 2009
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
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 Interesting products, and

 Interesting products, and hilarious article! I'd be interested to know if the duckies can find the force to actually float upright unlike their lesser peers.

Beth Hodgson
Innovative Business Writer

Jan 22, 2009
by Anonymous


Those are actually Clone Trooper helmets, but not your fault that's what the creator lists them as :)

Jan 24, 2009
by Cosetta
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yodo and friends

 So cute!

and clever too. 

Happy Patent,