10 Of The Strangest Beauty Products That Will Disgust You As You Look Your Best!

Women go to great lengths for the sake of beauty, even allowing some disgusting and strange ingredients to make contact with their skin, or worse yet, to be ingested by mouth. These weird beauty products are some of the most unusual out there, but they promise to make you younger and more beautiful, so you decide if you can overcome the gross factor for beauty.

#1 Most Strange and Disgusting Beauty Product - Whale Vomit Perfumes 

Whale Puke PerfumeWhale Puke Perfume

Ambergris is the beautifying name that has been attributed to whale puke so it sounds a little bit less disgusting. You might never have realized, but this used to be one of the base ingredients used in luxury perfumes happened to be whale puke. Apparently, something that smells so bad, really can help create a gorgeous scent. Fortunately, today most perfumeries have started using synthetic whale puke rather than the real thing.  iSince it's no longer the norm, it's become a bigger novelty so it can only be picked up from select perfume makers that specialize in gross beauty!

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#2 Most Strange and Disgusting Beauty Product - FCup Cookies

Breast Englarging CookiesBreast Englarging Cookies

With these Japanese cookies, plastic surgery for breast enhacement is no longer required and it's not because of the weight you'll gain from injesting the additional calories and fat. They contain a herb that promises to make your breasts larger. Although, don't expect to get boobs as big as an F -cup in American terms; an F-cup in Japan is about equal to a DD. Presumably, the name was set because of the average woman's desire for breasts this size; it doesn't mean that they can't bring further enhancement. Limit your breast cookie intake to no more than two per day, otherwise no doubt your breasts will get larger along with the rest of you!

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#3 Most Strange and Disgusting Beauty Product - Flirty Pheromone Lotion 

Pheromone Lotions and Lip GlossPheromone Lotions and Lip Gloss

This beauty product might not be so odd, but what is happens to be the desire that so many women have to alter their natural body chemistry to appear more attractive with pheromone lotions and perfumes. Whether or not you happen to have the right pheromones naturally, these beauty products can enhance it so you'll have men lining up at your door. Best of all, many of the products are discreety labelled so you can lubricate yourself with pheromone-filled lotion without your mate ever knowing the secret as to why you're so attractive.

Snail Goo MoisturizerSnail Goo Moisturizer

 There are many brands which have developed moisturizers that use snail goo as the main and secret ingredient (yes, "snail goo'" does happen to be the technical term...or not). The substance might be a little bit gross, and you probably don't want to start collecting the stuff the next time your child drags a snail into your home as a new pet; but you can purchase bottled moisturizer. Snail goo is meant to be great for removing scars, stretch marks, and acne marks...who would have thought a snail could accomplish so much?

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#5 Most Strange and Disgusting Beauty Product - Bull Semen Hair Treatment 

Bull Semen Hair TreatmentBull Semen Hair Treatment

 There is one thing that bulls are suppossed to be good at, and that's mating..but who would have thought that the fruits of their labors (and no, not their offspring) would find its way into a beauty product. Bull semen is being used in hair treatments to help revive the hair, repairing damage. It is said to work wonders, but watch out; if you're ever sent in for a hair treatment by a friend without being told what you're going for; you might want to ask a few more questions otherwise your head may become a breeding ground for bull semen (really)!

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#6 Most Strange and Disgusting Beauty Product - Bird Poo Facials  

Bird Poo FacialsBird Poo Facials

Everyone has got a story to share about that time a bird pooped on their head or their face. Come on, admit it; you've got one, too! When it happened, there were probably tons of expletives said, but while you were swearing you probably should have been rejoicing. Bird poo is the latest ingredient to be used in facials for their detoxifying and moisturizing effects. Of course, a bird poo facial at a top spa isn't cheap, so you may want to spend more time standing under trees for the same benefits.


#7 Most Strange and Disturbing Beauty Product - Placenta Beauty Products 

Placenta Beauty ProductsPlacenta Beauty Products

You've seen placenta products on InventorSpot before, so we just can't make a list of the most disgusting beauty products without human and animal placenta making an appearance again, right? These beauty items are so odd, they need no additional introduction. 

#8 Most Strange and Disgusting Beauty Product - Collagen Marshmallows

Collagen MarshmallowsCollagen Marshmallows

Many beauty products contain collagen which is supposed to help make the skin softer and more flexible, preventing wrinkles. That in itself just doesn't seem to be a component of an unusual beauty product, but it is when it's something that's ingested. Collagen marshmellows are meant to be a tasty way to supplement any other collagen-related beauty regiment. Who knows if they work, but it's a great excuse to have a sugary snack, especially if you're already on a low carb diet.

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#9 Most Strange and Disgusting Beauty Product Anti-Aging Cream from Infant Foreskin 

Baby Foreskin LotionBaby Foreskin Lotion

Ever wonder what happens after a baby is circumsized? Well, if you were like Tom Cruise and honored the foreskin like the placenta, you might decide to ingest it. If that's just a little too weird for you, there's a better option. Apparently, you can send your baby's foreskin to be turned into an anti-aging cream and then smear your face with it daily in honor of your child. Of course, it also turns back the clock. But do you really want it to in this way?

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#10 Most Strange and Disgusting Beauty Product - Snake Venom Facials  

Snake Venim FacialSnake Venim Facial

Snake venom is normally something to be avoided,with the whole chance of paralysis, poisoning and death. But, paralysis in one way is all the trend now and it's called botox! Well, there is an alternative now is a snake venom facial since it can have the same effect on the skin. Just hope that you've got a spa specialist who knows what they're doing, and don't try and run into a snakehoping for a free treatment.

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