10 Summer Baby Essentials To Protect From The Sun

Summer is here, and if you have a new addition to your family, chances are you will be making a lot of purchases to make it through the warm weather. New parents are often clueless as to what baby needs to stay cool during their first hot days, and unfortunately a lot of money is often wasted on items you will buy, yet never use. Below is a list of the ten summer baby must haves, designed to keep your favorite small fry cool and comfortable from now till autumn. All of these products are available through Amazon, making purchasing and shipping more convenient than ever before!

Summer Baby Essential: Car Sun Shade

We often take advantage of the sunshades located in the front seats of the car, but what about baby in the back? The First Years, long known for their functional and affordable family products, have created the rear sunshade to shield your little one from heat and glare as you drive to that family vacation destination. For under $10 with shipping, this is a great way to keep baby cool and safe, no matter what road you are on. (Update: This car sun shade is no longer available. A suitable alternative may be this back and side sunshade.)

A Sun Shade That Shields BabyA Sun Shade That Shields Baby

Babies Beat The HeatBabies Beat The Heat


Summer Baby Essential: Seat Cooler

Air conditioner vents are often positioned awkwardly, making it hard to aim at your uncomfortably warm infant in the back seat. With a seat cooler, your problem is solved, as this insulated fabric cover contains re-freezable ice packs that rest inside the lining of the padding. With up to 10 hours of cooling power, this fits well on most car seats, and prevents burnt skin from hot metal buckles. It also doubles as a cooler for bottles, or anything else you want to keep chilly for your baby’s journey. (Update: This items seems like it is no longer available. One option with great reviews is to use a Car Seat Sunshade to keep the car seat cooler.)

A Cool RideA Cool Ride


Summer Baby Essential: Sun Hats

Sunburns are never a laughing matter, and when your skin is sensitively new to the harsh summer sun, burns can happen that much more easily. Protect your child’s face and shoulders with a sun hat designed especially for them. With a water resistant UV-protective fabric, this wide brim cap is comfortable to wear and practical in protection. Sun hats come in literally every print and design you can imagine, but with a little girl on the way, I personally enjoy the Ice Cream hat from iPlay.

A Cool Treat You Can WearA Cool Treat You Can Wear


Summer Baby Essential: Floatation Swimsuit

Little swimmers can be unstable in open waters, so increase their safety with a floatation swimsuit. Available in a variety of colorful patterns, floatation swimsuits are designed for infants and toddlers who love the seashore, but haven’t quite got the hang of the whole “not drowning” concept! Whether you are nervous having your child playing in the ocean or the neighborhood pool, this is the perfect safeguard against one of summer’s biggest risks.

Bold Prints And Even Better SafetyBold Prints And Even Better Safety

Girls AND Boys Are Safe In The WaterGirls AND Boys Are Safe In The Water


Summer Baby Essential: Sun Canopy

When the whole family needs to beat the heat and jump in the pool, don’t leave your baby or toddler behind. A float canopy by Swimways is perfectly designed to keep baby cool and safe while everyone else plays. It shields youngsters from the sun while allowing them to cool off their legs in the water. The canopy is also removable, and includes a mesh play area for toys and splashing fun.

A Miniature Resort For BabyA Miniature Resort For Baby

Take It Easy, KidTake It Easy, Kid


Summer Baby Essential: Activity Pool

If the family pool is still too big….or nonexistent….cool off baby with an activity pool designed especially for him. This inflatable swimming hole includes seven attachable pool toys and a sunshade, so you can use it indoors or out. You can also use it as a ball pit or secret hideaway the rest of the year, giving you your money’s worth no matter what the season. With invitingly bright colors and designs, your baby’s senses will be stimulated, while his body stays refreshed during the hot weather. (Update: This activity pool seems to be discontinued. Another activity pool that gets rave reviews is here.)

Swimming With Senses StimulatedSwimming With Senses Stimulated


Summer Baby Essential: Spill Proof Hydration

No matter where this summer takes you, hydration is essential for everybody – babies included! When you don’t feel like toting bottles around in warm weather, stash a few spill proof spouts in your diaper bag. They easily fasten onto most standard bottle of water, providing relief for your little one without causing a huge mess. If you have a toddler, they will love the independence of having their own water bottle just like mom and dad.

Spill Proof SipsSpill Proof Sips


Summer Baby Essential: Organic Sunscreen

It seems like everything from paint to baby food contains harmful toxins these days, so why compromise your baby’s health? Invest in some organic sunscreen to keep him/her shielded from the damaging UVA & UVB rays, without risking the absorption of dangerous ingredients. Pick up a bottle designed for the whole family, like Kimberly Sayer Organic Family Sunblock SPF 25 . Everyone will stay burn-free, and you will stay debt-free at the same time, since one tube is perfectly designed for each and every family member. Due to its gentle ingredients, even small children can wear this protectant without being at risk for skin irritation. (Update: This sunblock is no longer on the market.Try this well reviewed sunblock for the whole family is from California Baby.)

Sun Safety For The Whole FamilySun Safety For The Whole Family


Summer Baby Essential: Swim Diapers

No one wants to take a time out for diaper change, so invest in some swim diapers, otherwise known as disposable swimpants. They won’t bloat in the water like regular diapers, and yet they carry the same level of absorption for those not yet potty trained. From Nemo to Mickey to Spiderman, you will find a variety of inviting children’s characters printed on these pool friendly pants, and you’ll love the eliminated hassle they bring. These are available for cheap at Amazon.

Swimmers Can't Be Stopped!Swimmers Can't Be Stopped!


Summer Baby Essential: Beach/Bath Cover Up

Wrestling a towel around a little one is never easy, so throw on a terrycloth cover up to keep them warm and dry, no matter where they are. Perfect for both bath time and beach time, your child will love the soft comfort and portability, and you will appreciate the end to the dry off battles.

There are plenty of designs and styles available, but this dinosaur hoodie from Mullins is pretty darn cute for either a toddler boy or girl. (Update: Mullins is no longer available.Perhaps one of these other cute terry cover ups will work for your baby.)

Covered Up CutieCovered Up Cutie
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