10 Best Surveillance Systems And Mini Spy Camera To Hide In Your House

It amazes me as to the variety of survaillance cameras are on the market.  They come in almost every shape and size, can be hidden inside anything from a USB drive to car keys, to fake air fresheners.  How paranoid are we that this has become a thriving market?  Check some of these mini hidden spy gadgets out:

1.Jumbl Mini Hidden Spy Camera Radio Clock wih Motion Detection and Infrared Night Vision


The Jumble camera looks like a simple radio clock that actually works but it is also a full function spy camera that can be set to only record when it detects motion and can also record in the dark. A great feature is that it has the ability to continuously loop the recordings so that you don't need to worry about deleting one recordings.  It operates on its rechargeable battery but can also be plugged into a wall outlet for uninterrupted operation and can record up to 24 hours. As a package, this is probably one of the best cameras around for discreetly recording what you need to record.You can check out the review for the Jumbl camera here.


2. Camera Pen -Teraputics Mini HD Spy Camera In Pen - Hidden & Secret Spy Pen Cam Video Recorder

This little sucker is both a beautiful pen and cool gadget and works as a camera, a digital voice recorder and a video cam. It's video resolution is 1280 x 720P and it's photo resolution is 2560 x 1440. It includes an 8GB SD card  and has USB connectivity.  It is easy to use and actually writes and actually gets good reviews from folks who have used it.  What spy could want more?  Well, maybe a laser beam could shoot out of it... (Buy here.)


3.  Veho VCC-003-MUVI-BLK MUVI Micro digital camcorder for Action Sports/Surveillance (Includes 2Gb Memory)

 Able to record up three hours of footage, this tiny camera oddly enough contains a battery that can only last for two hours of continuous recording.  So, if you take it to a game, turn it off during half-time and try not to get too much footage of the cheerleaders.  However, the size is the key here: 2.25in high x 0.75in wide x 0.75 deep.  This is a small little camera that packs a nice punch for under $50. (Buy here.)


4. 2.4 Ghz Wireless Surveillance System

 Jeez!  Look at how tiny that thing is!  This wireless pinhole camera is right out of James Bond.  Apparently it chews through 9V batteries pretty fast and the visual range is around 75 feet instead of the 500 feet that the manufacturers claim it to have.  But it's difficult not to imagine various uses for this super micro-sized camera.  Baby monitor, anyone? (Buy here.)

5. Car Key Spy Camera Video Recorder Motion Detect DVR

Sporting the disguise of a BMW car key, this tiny camera comes with a 2GB video card, but supports up to an 8GB SD card.  It is Windows and Mac compatible via a USB connector.  User reviews are somewhat mixed, with some stating how great it works and others complaining about how it just charges up and... well, that's it.  All agree that the instructions were difficult to follow (Asian translation to English was apparently not well done).  However... I'd give it a shot.  At $18.50 US it won't break your wallet. (Buy here.) (Update: A car key camer that gets some better reviews is here.)


6. Looxcie LX2 Wearable Video Cam for iPhone and Android

While not exactly stealthy, this little ear-mounted camera would be an asset to any adventurer.  It contains five hours of video storage, is light-weight and records in MP4 format.  It can also instantly share to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, i-Cloud.  Pretty cool, eh? (Buy here.)


7. Rear View Mirror Glasses

To me it's pretty difficult to beat the idea of spy sunglasses that can be used to see behind you.  While technically not a camera, I couldn't resist putting these in here. (Buy here.)


8.Hawk Eye Nature Cam

This little sucker is great for outdoor surveillance.  It is not only able to catch video in color, but also has infrared night vision, a built-in microphone, and a sun shield.  It is designed to be used indoors as well--quite a versitile little gadget.  It also comes with with 100 feet of RCA audio/video cable.  While designed to be placed inside a bird house (hence the name), there are tons of uses for this camera.  It costs less than $70, so it is a good investment. (Buy here.)


9. The Spy Net: Video Watch 2.0, with Night Vision


 Is this James Bond or what?  While manufactured for children, this little gadget offers an impressive array of features including that ability to record video and take photographs in the dark, a 1.4" playback screen, and various games and applications (including a lie detector).  It is compatible with both Mac and PC.  Sounds like a lot of fun for $44.99! (Buy here.)


10. Spy Net Flex Neck Snake Cam


 This bendable camera lense is designed to work with the Spy Net Video Watch (above).  It has no storage capabilities, but can also double as a web cam (for PCs only).  So now you would have a spy camera watch that can see in tight spaces....  At under $12.00, this is a neat accessory. (Buy here.)


For more cool spy cameras, check out Top 10 Best New Spy Cameras for the Sneaky Surveillance Enthusiast!


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Originally published December 2013 and updated February 2016.

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