10 Ultra-Cool Sports Concepts That Would Make the Perfect Gift For Dad...If They Existed

BTTF Hoverboard 


As much as I hate to admit it since I'm in this category, guys that were kids back when Back to the Future I to III came out are now old enough to be dads. Even after growing up over the past 20 years, though, the hoverboard is still something that many of us secretly (or not so secretly) covet. Designer Nils Guadagnin recently made a working model--but it's not quite up to the task of holding a person up. 

Green Samba


This Toyota Prius of the ocean is designed as a greener alternative to the average jet ski. It's fully electric and doesn't dump any harmful chemicals into the ocean or lake that you love so much. The real beauty of the Silveira Group's design is that the Green Samba's electric build  doesn't affect its performance one iota--it still speeds to 65 mph, and it does so with a small, maneuverable body that offers plenty of play. Just a prototype now, dad may be riding one of these in the future, as Silveira does plan on bringing its design to market. 

PUYL Bike Pump


It's almost a guarantee that every dad would love this, even if he doesn't have a bicycle. That's because it packages three father's day favorites: a flashlight, tools and multi-function into one package. A single device that can light dad's way home on an evening bicycle trip and pump up his tire after a flat, the Puyl is the handiest of bike tool concepts.  Kai Malter Roever's gadget is so smart that when you're pumping up your tire, the PUYL is transforming some of that energy into electricity to charge the battery. 

KVANT Snowbike 

Do we really need to expand upon why a dirtbike-snowmobile crossover would make dad's day? Sure, there's no snow in June, but c'mon--it's a snowmobile dirt bike. Best. Father's Day. Ever. Followed by: Longest. Six months. Ever.

Folding Bike/Folding Wheels


With this smart concept, pop could take his bike everywhere--train, plane, boat, automobile, other bike. That's because this frame folds into a carrying case like camera equipment. Even the wheels fold down. It might not be the safest gift for dad, but it sure beats a set of bits for his power drill. 

Reborn Survival Kit

Give dad the same gift that he once gave to you--life. Xue Zhichao's Reborn Survival Kit would make the perfect gift for the seafaring father. Whether dad enjoys a little fishing or multi-day trips on the high seas, chances are that he'd prefer to come back to the marina and tell you all about it. Reborn contains everything he'll need to survive rough times including an emergency stove, satellite communications, water purification equipment and a search light. 

 H20 Water Purifier 

What happens when dad is stranded out on the murky seas or forest and there's no water to collect? The Reborn ain't helping him worth a damn and what he needs to be doing is drinking his urine. Not straight from the bottle--that would be Bear Grylls-level assenine. He needs to be peeing in the H2O water purifier, cleaning out the impurities and then drinking himself a cup of fresh, clean water straight from the crystal clear springs of his urethra. Looks like a football, let's him drink his pee--what dad doesn't need that combination? 

Wrap Stove 

For those camping trips when dad is too lazy to cook meat on fire, let him throw some food in a tin bowl, strap Wonchul Hwang's Wrap Stove around it, set the digital temperature and relax in his hammock while this sweet little stove heats things up. It's like a backcountry microwave. 

Electric Body Board


What's even more fun and mobile than a lightweight, electric jet ski? An electric powered body board. With its adjustable buoyancy, dad can explore the water from the surface or below on this most-personal of personal watercraft designed by Kevin O'Doherty. 

Compact Surfboard 

Dad would no longer have to strap that giant longboard to his roof and lug it around the beach. The Compact Surfboard designed by Nicholas Notara breaks down into two main pieces and includes seperate inserts for the fins, making it easy to carry to even the most remote beaches. 

Jan 11, 2012
by Anonymous