10 Unanswered Science Questions

Inventors and science are, of course, intrinsically tied together.  This video contains an interesting list of 10 questions that are unanswared by scientists--at this time.  I'm quite sure that there are many people infinitely more intelligent than I am that are working on these questions.  And the cool thing is that this video links to more detailed videos about each topic--all of which are really great.  Just click on the upper right corner of the video and it will link you to further data on the topic.  And the "Mammalian Diversification" girl--well... she's just plain smart and adorable...

Be ready... this video is almost 7 minutes long--with links to other videos that are quite long as well.  This is more of a "I'm gonna spend an hour on the couch while my home-raised whale baskes in the sunlight and I indulge in a bottle of champagne" video than a "I have 2 minutes to watch this while I slam down a Sausage McMuffin" video.  But it's worth it.

Pet the whale for me.  And get a Sausage McMuffin.  They rock.  Seriously.  Staple food for me.

I'm a huge fan of any platform that can combine intelligent fun with education.  It's not easy to do.  And some of the info imparted by these videos is quite interesting--warranting further investigation into a wide range of fields.  This is good stuff.

SOURCE: Alltime10s