10 Totally Unique Business Cards Sure To Capture Your Attention

Today's economic scenario requires some eye-catching innovation in order to land a job.  I should know-I'm struggling horribly to make ends meet and, mostly due to my current location, can't find a regular job that I'm qualified for.

I have to admit that I've not really considered the unique business card angle since my recent move here.  I did make a good one for my catering company (that was in my previous life...):

Yep... I was as bald as bald can get...  The catch phrase was "Great Food, Less Hair."Yep... I was as bald as bald can get... The catch phrase was "Great Food, Less Hair."

An eye-catching card can really make a difference.  Here are some examples.  Some of these designs are brilliant.  Others funny.  Some simply mimic the look of another item.  Regardless of the tactic, some really creative minds are at work here.

1. Wunderburg Design

This is just plain cool.  A wax seal.  I haven't seen something like this in... well, a long time.  It adds a certain amount of class to this card-but I wonder if you can get to the company info without crumbling the seal in the process...

2. Murillo Design

I'll raise you one Murillo.I'll raise you one Murillo.

I like this.  It would be very functional on poker night.

3. Gavin Martin

This looks like it would hurt...This looks like it would hurt...

Now, I'm not sure what Gavin Martin does... nor am I sure how I would fit his card in my pocket.  But you have to admit, it's quite the eye-catcher.

4. Le Reflet

Just plain coolness...Just plain coolness...

Designed by Fabrice Praeger for a Parisian restaurant, this card was rumored to be so popular that people would enter the restaurant just to get a copy of it.


Jun 23, 2009
by J. Barker
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