10 Totally Unique Business Cards Sure To Capture Your Attention

5. Intersection

Who doesn't want a card that you can go "Vroom!  Vroom!" with, much to the annoyance of your office mates?


6. Dave Blank

 Best secret agent name EVER.Best secret agent name EVER.

Yay!  I love this card.  It doesn't hurt that the guy has quite a cool, oddly memorable name...


7. Rick Tharp

The Passion of Rick TharpThe Passion of Rick Tharp

Here's another guy like Gavin Martin; I don't know what he does exactly.  But in this case there's a clue.  Is he a draftsman?  An Architect?  A Graphic Arts Teacher?  I just don't know...  But I do know that that T-Square looks really heavy.


Jun 23, 2009
by J. Barker
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Howdy!  Yep, I'm the same guy who does the toy and gadget blogs... This is just a more mellow picture.  That was quite a delicious beverage...