10 Totally Unique Business Cards Sure To Capture Your Attention

8. Cat Web Applications & Software Engineering

I really hope this card doesn't smell like my cat's litter box when you open it up...


9. Smith's Double Entendre Design Studio

Mmmm...  Could it possibly really be chewy and minty?  I'd be sort of concerned that I'd get this confused with my real pack of gum.


10. Chef Burger


I'm all for a good burger.  I'm just a little afraid of a burger that looks like it'll eat me...

SOURCE: Flickr

John Barker
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Jun 23, 2009
by J. Barker
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Howdy!  Yep, I'm the same guy who does the toy and gadget blogs... This is just a more mellow picture.  That was quite a delicious beverage...