10 Unusual MP3 Players You Won't Find At An Ordinary Electronics Store

When you’re looking to purchase an MP3 player (that’s not an iPod) at your local electronics store, you know what to expect. There are different models based on size, colour, screen display and of course, cost. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, chances are you probably won’t find anything at the nearest retail outlet. But that’s not the case for Internet stores.

Not everyone likes to be old-fashioned and that’s why the following MP3 players go beyond the boundaries of unusual. Even though some may be extremely wacky or weird, they do tend to do the job they’re created for and that’s playing your collection of music. But are they strangely cool enough for people to buy them? You be the judge.

Unusual MP3 Player #1. The Rubik Cube

Sure it looks like a Rubik cube, but this MP3 player is probably more frustrating than entertaining. To activate different functions, you actually have to fiddle with the cube like you would with the original toy.

Sources: Yanko Design


Unusual MP3 Player #2. Garfield

Even though it’s based on a lovable and humorous cartoon character, this MP3 player could have been designed better. Keeping the controls simple is great for kids, but not for those shopping for a unique and advanced portable music player.

Source: New Launches


Unusual MP3 Player #3. The Xegg

No it’s not an alien spaceship. The Xegg is actually a music player that just looks like a futuristic egg. Along with being able to function as a normal MP3 player, the device can also act as a mini stereo with its external speakers. (Buy here )

Source: blog.jr.com


Unusual MP3 Player #4. The Minty One

Even though it has features that seem as old as the first MP3 player, the device is definitely fresher than most designs. Just try not to tear it apart looking for mints!

Source: ladyada.net


Unusual MP3 Player #5. The Teddy Bear

Sure the idea of a teddy bear sounds cute, but this design won’t satisfy your MP3 player needs. Priced at approximately US $78, the Teddy Bear MP3 player can only hold 128MB worth of memory.

Source: Tech E Blog


Unusual MP3 Player #6. The Acorn

Shaped like a squirrel’s favourite treat and made out of wood, the Acorn MP3 player from Evergreen comes with GB of storage and plays MP3, WMA and OGG files.

Source: Gadgettastic


Unusual MP3 Player #7. The Helmet

The idea of having an MP3 player that’s the helmet of your favourite college football team is a great idea, but it shouldn’t be this small. Despite having 1GB of storage, the helmet is a device just waiting to be crushed by someone’s shoe.

Sources: Helmet MP3


Unusual MP3 Player #8. The Lipstick

Shaped like lipstick, this Bratz MP3 player is the perfect prank gift for a friend’s birthday. With 256MB of built in memory, the device also has what the company calls “Iconic Bratz Lipstick Design ” (oh my!). (Buy here.)

Source: MGA Entertainment


Unusual MP3 Player #9. The Taser

It’s hard to say what the manufacturer was thinking, but combining an MP3 player and a taser is extremely stupid and dangerous. Sure it can hold up to 1GB of music, but who would want to listen to their favourite music and then shock someone with 50,000 volts?

Source: Metro.co.uk


Unusual MP3 Player #10. The Pez

If you didn’t see a picture, you probably wouldn’t think this invention was true, but yes, there is a Pez MP3 player. Created by Pat Misterovich, the portable device holds up to 512MB and runs on one triple A battery. No word on whether or not it dispenses Pez candy too.

Source: Oh Gizmo


Which one do you think is the most unusual MP3 player? Are there any other MP3 players you know of that should have been mentioned?

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Aug 6, 2008
by Anonymous

the garfield

the garfield one I would have choosen, I like that and the one Michelle found too *sighs*

Aug 6, 2008
by Anonymous


and the taser and the mp3player I doubt it's meant to be used at the same time but then again if you happen to listen to music and you are attacked then you have it ready.

Aug 11, 2008
by Anonymous

Tazer MP3 player

The reason for the Tazer/MP3 player is for outdoor women joggers. Jogging outside can be dangerous even in good neighborhoods and Tazers has been known to save women from being kidnapped/raped/mugged.