10 Venue Names That Don't Belong In Major League Sports

With old sports venues falling apart and new owners stepping into the spotlight, more and more new stadiums are being built. Some are being created just to show major leagues that they’re ready to start a franchise. Others are being designed to revamp a team or a city. Either way, technology plays a part as venues are constantly competing against each other to have something that can be claimed as a first.

One of the most important aspects of designing a stadium or arena is that it needs an attractive and meaningful name. Places like the Joe Louis Arena have been around for decades and have provided a home for players and fans.

The following are venues that have been less unfortunate when it comes to naming.

Sports Venue #1. A Waste Of A Name

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, the EnergySolutions arena is home to the Utah Jazz of the NBA. It was originally known as the Delta Center until EnergySolutions purchased the name rights in 2006. Early nicknames for the arena included “The Dump”, which was a stab at EnergySolutions’ radioactive and hazardous waste disposal operations.

Source: Piero Scaruffi

Sports Venue #2. Mortgages And Arenas Don't Mix

Named after a retail home mortgage lending firm, the Quicken Loans Arena is home to the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA and the Lake Erie Monsters of the AHL. “The Q” was formerly known as the Gund Arena.

Source: Johnny Road Trip

Sports Venue #3. Finances Equal Blah

The Prudential Center is home to the New Jersey Devils of the NHL and the Seton Hall Pirates Men’s Basketball Team of the NCAA. Opened in 2007, “The Rock” might be a bit too financial as it’s a losing name for a hockey team that consistently wins.

Source: James Mirtle

Sports Venue #4. Making The Team Seem Vulnerable

Along with being known by other horrific names like 3Com Park and Monster Park, Candlestick Park isn’t the greatest venue title for an NFL team. You would expect something intimidating (maybe a legendary player’s name), but instead San Francisco Fans get to welcome opposing teams to “The Stick”.

Source: Ballparks.com

Sports Venue #5. The Wrong Kind Of Quest

Home of the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL, Qwest Field is named after the large communication carrier. However, the name isn’t entirely successful as the venue is one of the few professional sports stadiums that don’t carry Coca-Cola or Pepsi in their concession stands. Instead, Qwest Field has a beverage contract with Jones Soda.

Source: The Seattle Traveler

Sports Venue #6. Anything But Progressive

Despite being ranked as Major League Baseball’s best ballpark by Sports Illustrated, Progressive Field isn’t the greatest name for a venue. The home to the Cleveland Indians of the MLB was formerly known as Jacobs Fields. But due to renaming rights, it had to be changed to a less illustrious and progressive name.

Source: Cleveland Seniors

Sports Venue #7. Originality Might Be Dead

The Cleveland Browns Stadium is home to guess who: The Cleveland Browns of the NFL. Unless the organization has a certain trend going on (the team doesn’t have a logo on their helmet), then no venue should be named after the team that plays there. That’s like asking for your grandson to be named after you when your son is already named after you.

Source: Real Cavs Fans

Sports Venue #8. Forseeing The Future

Despite having four previous names, the Oracle Arena is an indoor venue in Oakland, California. The arena is home to the Golden State Warriors of the NBA. The venue does have a futuristic look to it, but the name’s just not friendly.

Source: Arena Digest

Sports Venue #9. "Isee" A Bad Name

Formerly the Continental Airlines Arena, the Izod Center is a multi-purpose indoor arena located in New Jersey. Home to the New Jersey Nets of the NBA, the center is named after a premium clothing company. Several publications have rated it as one of the worst venues in sports and have stated that its “cold and dull” in appearance.

Source: Popo In My Crib

Sports Venue #10. The Internet Is Clearly A Bad Source For Names

Opened in 2003, the Jobing.com Arena is located in Glendale, Arizona and is home to the Phoenix Coyotes of the NHL. Not much can be said about the venue as not much really takes place there. One thing is for sure, what kind of name is “Jobing.com”?

Source: The Scoreboards

Which one do you think is the worst name for a sports venue? Are there any other sports venue names you know of that should have been mentioned?

Please note that this list was only derived from Major League Sports teams and not minor affiliates or international leagues.

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Jul 15, 2008
by Anonymous

San Diego has some bad ones

I always hated Cox Arena, Qualcomm Stadium and Petco Park. Blek.

Jul 22, 2008
by Anonymous

Even worse

and I'm surprised "Amway Arena" didn't make the list, the home arena for the Orlando Magic

Jul 23, 2008
by Anonymous

ideas and writing...

your ideas are good, but it was poorly executed. having said that, your writing can use some clarity as well as your ability to title things properly and give a sense of flow to the entry.

Aug 22, 2008
by Anonymous

i think the 'limp dik'

i think the 'limp dik' paraplagic sports facility in chinese tai pei is in particularly bad taste!