10 Webcams with a Soft Side

Most of us have one but never really take much notice to it until we need to use it. Webcams as we have come to know them are typically small, made up of metal or plastic and range in a number of shapes and sizes but they do share a commonality -- their appearance can be rather boring.

Thankfully technology companies have developed ways to enhance the web-camming experience. Here are 10 cute fun and appealing Webcams that may just get you to abandon your boring black Web cam:

#1 An Adorable Monkey

if you have been looking for the perfect spy camera you are going to go bananas over this one. This adorable monkey Webcam looks nothing like a camera, so family and friends will never suspect they're being watched. This USB cam has high-resolution and a fast transmission rate and retails for $18.99 US

#2 A Spotted Cow

Got Milk? No this Webcam does not produce milk, but it does "mooove" out of the category of being a plain Jane camera. This USB soft spotted cow camera would steal the hearts of all you farmers out there! It retails for $16.99 US

Moooving on... #3 A Puppy Dog

This puppy dog Webcam will sit pretty perched on anyone's monitor. Ready for adoption, this fella is made of cloth with a spongy inside it works well with most operating systems. It retails for $29 US

#4 Pig

This blissfully happy looking pig Webcam is sure to hog some of your attention. On the cuteability scale it ranks pretty high don't you think? This USB cam has high-resolution and a fast transmission rate and retails for $16.99 US

#5 Rabbit

What's up Doc? If you know of anyone graduating med school, this may just be the perfect. With its graduation cap on its head and a rolled up grad certificate in its hand, this Dr. Rabbit is ahead of the class compared to standard run of the mill Webcams. It retails for $17.99 US

#6 Bear

Introducing a sweet little bear Webcam . This little guy sports a striped knit sweater and a tiny cap on his head. Bearie cute! It retails for $14.99 US

#7 Spotted Eye Dog

See Spot spy on friends and family! At first glance it may appear just like a plush, black-and-white dog with a spot on its eye, but in fact it has a built-in camera where its nose is. Even James Bond would want one of these! It retails for $17.99 US

#8 Santa

I know it's a little early for Christmas, but this Santa Claus Webcam has definitely got to be on your xmas wish list. What better way to add the magic of holiday to your monitor than to have this holly jolly fellow greet your friends and family? It retails for $19.99 US

#9 USB Garfield

This soft, spongy, cutesy Garfield cam is a perfect desktop accessory for children and adults alike. Plop it on the top of your monitor and enjoy. It retails for $32.00 US

#10 Penguin

This is one penguin that is sure to march into the hearts of many. This is a must get for anyone who loves cute. I think it's cuter than that the Linux mascot what you think? It retails for $16.99 US

These plush communication devices could take something that was ugly and functional on your desktop and turn it into something cute and decorative if you so choose. You can find all of these toy Webcams online at Sourcing Map .




Oct 20, 2008
by Anonymous

A lot of these would be

A lot of these would be great say, for monitoring babysitters/nannies, or to watch your child in his/her crib.