12 Works Of Divine Design By Jaime Hayón, Maison&Objet 2010 Designer Of The Year

Jaime Hayón, the Spanish "designer artist," is a spirited, eclectic, imaginative, and extremely talented man, whose works one always delights in seeing.  At this winter's Maison&Objet Paris trade show, Hayón was honored for his work, by being selected as Maison&Objet' Interior Designer of 2010.  

As a youngster, Hayón was part of the skateboard culture and was an active graffiti artist, a whimsical talent that pervades his artistic designs. Hayón has designed murals, toys, furniture, lighting, tableware, and completed large scale interiors for hotels and restaurants.  He frequently works in ceramic, glass, wood, leather, and plastic, and is a marvelous graphic designer.  Hayón has designed for Baccarat, Swarovski, Ceccotti, Camper, and Lladro, among other prestigious fine design houses.

I've chosen 12 of Hayón's diversified works to give you an idea of the breadth of his artistry and the many reasons he was chosen as Maison&Objet's Interior Designer of 2010.


1.   The Tournament, London Design Festival, 2009

Chess pieces, all handcrafted and handpainted by Hayón .  The 32 fanciful pieces are 2 meters tall and represent London's domes, towers and spires. The city's history has influenced Hayón's chess characters.  The Tournament installation was the center piece of Trafalgar Square; the 160 square meter chess board was made of ceramic tile glass by Bisazza.


Image credit: Bosatrade.comImage credit: Bosatrade.com


Image ©Hayón StudioImage ©Hayón Studio


Image ©Hayón StudioImage ©Hayón Studio


2.  Rocking Hotdog from the American Chateau Collection by Jaime Hayón and Nienke Klunder

Hayón and Dutch artist Nienke Klunder worked together on this collection... whimsical, ironic, and lots of fun.  Here, the Rocking Hotdog is shown with some of the Collection's other pieces in an installation.


Image ©Hayón StudioImage ©Hayón Studio


3.  Limousine Table from the American Chateau Collection Jaime Hayón and Nienke Klunder

Limousine Table is so beautifully crafted, the irony is almost lost... but not quite.


Image ©Hayón StudioImage ©Hayón Studio


4.  Multileg Cabinet from BD Showtime Collection

Inspired by MGM classic musicals, this interior collection is both incongruous and fluid.  The Multileg Cabinet is a great example, sporting a collection of legs inspired by all sorts of industrial-looking tools, yet fused in their capacity as table legs. (Contact vanrietc@bdbarcelona.com)


Image ©Hayón StudioImage ©Hayón Studio



Aug 19, 2010
by Anonymous

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