12 Works Of Divine Design By Jaime Hayón, Maison&Objet 2010 Designer Of The Year


9.  Funghi Table Lamps Designed For Metalarte

The Funghi ceramic table lamps are as divine as Hayón intended them to be.  Sleek, sexy, earthy, and irresistible.  Metalarte


Image ©Hayón StudioImage ©Hayón Studio



10.  Bastone Table and Floor Light Collection for Metalarte

The Bastone (Italian "stick," plural Bastoni) Collection is a new one, inspired by Hayón's propensity to move frequently.  Enjoying the humor in dragging his own lamps from place to place, Hayón created Bastoni with handles and coil spring-looking grips to make it easier!  Metalarte


Image ©Hayón StudioImage ©Hayón Studio


This lamp is the "Double Bastone."


 Image ©Hayón StudioImage ©Hayón Studio


11.  Green Chicken Rocker

Almost as if he felt sorry for the common chicken, Hayón created a larger than life, unmistakable, unavoidable beauty of a Green Chicken with a saddle and a rocker to raise his status in life and make him functional.  No chicken will be considered common again.


Image ©Hayón StudioImage ©Hayón Studio



12.  Swarovski Sparkle Shady Chandelier

Hayón emphasizes transformation in his creation of the Sparkle Shady Chandelier.  It is, first of all, not one lighting fixture, but a series of hanging lamps, all of which can be interchanged by placement and altered by color change. The Swarovski crystals provide just the right amount of reflection to play light games with your design on the chandelier's surroundings.

You have to admire how stunning the Swarovski Sparkle Shady looks with the Multileg Table, featured above.


Image ©Hayón StudioImage ©Hayón Studio


Image ©Hayón StudioImage ©Hayón Studio



An added treat...

13.  Seasonal portrait of "Bunny Hayón"

It's always nice to find humility and self-humor in great talent!


Image ©Hayón StudioImage ©Hayón Studio


Jaime Hayón's designs go far beyond what I represented here today; I could only attempt to hit the range of his abilities.  I recommend that you visit his website, Hayón Studio, and lose yourself there for an afternoon or more.  Mr. Hayón is an original, an icon of this century's "design artists."


Hayón Studio via Maison&Objet via Trendland


Aug 19, 2010
by Anonymous

Amazing artist!

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Hayón products are really spechless!
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