10 Zoo Ads That Will Make You Laugh Like A Hyena

Spring is a great time of the year to visit the zoo or wild animal park, wherever you live. These 10 clever international ads will remind you that "It's all happening at the zoo," whether you're in Argentina or Abu Dhabi. Maybe these ads will inspire you to visit your nearby zoo, but at least I hope they give you a good laugh.





1.  Hogle Zoo, Utah, 2006

Ad Agency:  Richter7, Salt Lake City, USA
Source: Ads of the World


"Big cats are coming.  Asian Highlands. Opening June 2006."



2. Wellington Zoo Centennial Party, New Zealand, 2006

Source: Coloribus


 "100 Year Birthday Party"



3.  Skansen Zoo, Sweden, August 2007

Ad Agency: King Stockholm
Source: Coloribus


 "Welcome To The World's Oldest Zoo"


Apr 6, 2009
by Anonymous

LOL Last Ad Nice One

LOL The last one is good. Heheheh. Feels kinda intimidating though. Mixed feelings when I saw it. Puts me in a position whether I want to visit the zoo or not. But it made me laugh hahahaha

Apr 7, 2009
by Anonymous


the zoo is soooooooo damn awesome! i really need to go this summer! i miss it sooo much! the kc zoo isnt that great though, you have to hit up the omaha zoo for the HUGE indoor rainforest! all i know is im getting a segway at the kc zoo though so i can have a segway gang!!!