10 Zoo Ads That Will Make You Laugh Like A Hyena

4.  Kids Park Zoo, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Ad Agency, Tonic, Dubai
Source: Ads Of The World


"What's up dude?"          "You know.. eatin' grass, poopin' outside."

       "Cool, cool."                                                                              



5. Tierpark Berlin, Germany, November 2007

Ad Agency: Scholz & Friends, Berlin
Source: Coloribus


"8723 Knuts Are Waiting For You"




6..  Animal Planet Ad, August 2008

I liked this so much, I snuck it in here, even though it's not a zoo ad.

Ad Agency:  Advertising Agency: DDB Germany / Duesseldorf


 "Authentic wildlife documentaries."


Apr 6, 2009
by Anonymous

LOL Last Ad Nice One

LOL The last one is good. Heheheh. Feels kinda intimidating though. Mixed feelings when I saw it. Puts me in a position whether I want to visit the zoo or not. But it made me laugh hahahaha

Apr 7, 2009
by Anonymous


the zoo is soooooooo damn awesome! i really need to go this summer! i miss it sooo much! the kc zoo isnt that great though, you have to hit up the omaha zoo for the HUGE indoor rainforest! all i know is im getting a segway at the kc zoo though so i can have a segway gang!!!