1154 Lill Studio: Dream Up Your Own Fashion With Customizable Handbags!

If you're a girl that dreams of purses, then you'll love the opportunity that can dream up your own and carry it in reality. Customizable fashions are more popular than ever, and now there's a fun opportunity to design with a popular line!

Customizable PursesCustomizable Purses

1154 Lill Studio lets you start designing your dream handbag from scratch. You start by choosing your style, and then there are fabric choices galore to choose from. Start by selecting the main hangbag fabric, then the top and the strap, and then the inside. Specific clasps and embellishments can also be picked from to make it the perfect piece that no designer will ever quite get right without stepping right into your mind. Of course, there's a base price and that's built upon depending upon the fabrics selected.

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May 27, 2010
by Anonymous


Hi Beth -
Thanks for the write-up! We really appreciate it! One thing to note - our prices are actually based on the style of the bag regardless of the fabric chosen. We found that with so many choices of styles and hundreds of fabrics (and multiple fabric options per style) it keeps things simpler to know the price of your bag at the beginning and not have to worry about it changing as you make your design choices!

Thanks again!

Robin Newberry
1154 LILL Studio