11 Eco-Innovative Gifts For Mom

This year, you could go for the organic bouquet, eco-chocolate, organic clothing, recycled jewelry, tree donation, organic fruit delivery to a green spa gift ideas, if you would like. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these gifts. They are wonderful for the environment and for your mother, but the greener we become the more options we have and you should know about those options. So, if this year you want something a little more unique for your mom take a look at the gifts below.


Green Gift for Mom 1. Egglings Grow Plants Not Birds

For the gardening mom how about giving her some Egglings. They're cute, organic, biodegrable and symbolize growth and life. She will crack open these ceramic eggs and see inside organic soil. Inside is a seed (wild strawberry, mint and petunia) Once the Egglings have roots they can be replanted outdoors. The shell is biodegradable. You can buy these at Amazon .





Green Gift for Mom 2. Bike Riding Mom

On mother's day this year make sure to remember to encourage your mom to keep riding her bike to work and everywhere else. It's not only good for the environment, but her health too. To support her even more give her an eco-basket for her bike like this one. The basket is made from old packaging tape. It has two handles so that it can be used as a shopping basket and two straps so that it can be attached to your bike.



Green Gift for Mom 3. Plant in a Frame

Does your mom like art? Does she like live plants too? Why not give your mom one of these. It is a combo of her two passions. It is a Plant in Frame. Prairie grass seeds are included and will grow in the frame. The frame can be wall-mounted or placed on a table or in a window.







Green Gift for Mom 4. Pool Table Balls And Spices

For the Mom who loves pool and spicing up her food give her some balls, pool balls that is. These are recycled pool balls made into salt and peppershakers. UK designer Alex Turner created the salt and peppershakers. One cue ball is for salt and one 8 ball is for pepper. The balls have had a cylinder drilled out of them and the bases ground down so that they sit flatly onto a table.






Green Gift for Mom 5. Elephant Dung Fancy Memo Book

For the writing or journaling mom (me) that always appreciates beautiful innovative notebooks (Hint! Hint!) give her this crafted memo book, made from elephant dung and recycled paper. She wont be disappointed. She may be disgusted at first, but when she sees and feels it she will be amazed at what can be recycled these days?






Green Gift for Mom 6. The Chef Mom and Her Eco-Pan

As a mom I personally don't like to receive kitchen items as a gift. To be honest it's a bit insulting, but there are exceptions when a gift like this is okay. For example, where I a chef who loved innovative kitchen items and better yet an environmentally friendly chef that loved eco-innovative kitchen items than this green frying pan would be awesome. The body of the Green Planet cookware is made from 50% re-cycled aluminum, which in itself is 100% recyclable. The riveted bamboo handle is a natural material selected and harvested from nominated and managed bamboo farms. You can find these at Amazon .






Green Gift for Mom

This looks like an ordinary rug right? It's not. Its Turkish design is woven from threads of plastic bottles, milk containers bubble packaging, and more. Notice the amazing blue color. The rug won't mildew or stain. It sheds water instantly, and the designs are reversible.








Green Gift for Mom 8. Lawn Chair-Seriously!

Does you mom like to sit out on the lawn? The patio won't do for her because it's not close enough to nature, to the soft green grass? How about giving her a lawn chair, but not just any lawn chair, a Terra Chair? A bit of assembly and a sprinkling of water and her chair will grow in her very own yard.


Green Gift for Mom 9. Eat off of Recycled Glass

Does your mom like to adorn her beautiful well-decorated table with fancy dishes to show her family and friends when they come to dinner? Why not show your mom that she can continue to have her elegance, but in a more environmentally friendly way. Buy her an elegant set of frosted recycled glass plates. These recycled glass plates are handcrafted in western Pennsylvania. Each plate sold, 10 % of the profits go to benefit CASA. CASA provides community volunteers to advocate in court for children who are victims of abuse or neglect.




Green Gift for Mom 10. Green Lemonaide Not Drinkable

Give your mom a head start to her wish of living a greener life. Make it easier for her and invest in a Toolkit (1 or 2) from Green Lemonaide. Toolkit 1 includes a reusable tote, a smart strip surge protector, a tire pressure gauge, two sink aerators, two compact fluorescent light bulbs, a shorter shower timer, and some biodegradable doggie "business" bags.








Green Gift for Mom 11. Mixed Greens

Mixed Greens from Enviroblog (latest science and news on toxins in your food, water, and air, and what government agencies should be doing to protect public health) is a neat feature for busy moms that want the latest and greatest on green health. Sign your mom up to Mixed Greens. You can subscribe in iTunes or in a reader, or have her listen right here in your browser. Then slip a little note of what you did into the green gift you decided to give her.





I hope these green gift ideas are helpful. May mothers feel appreciated and loved this year. Happy Mother's Day!


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Apr 29, 2008
by Toby
Toby's picture

Very Cool Stuff!

I love that green lawn chair! 

Apr 30, 2008
by Anonymous

I want that "Plant in a Frame"

Yes, really, I like it.
And if I can find any seller of this stuff, here in france, I'd buy one or two of those!