11 Hilariously Stupid, Strange and Ugly Christmas Ornaments

These days, Christmas isn’t about religion, it’s about expressing yourself and showing others how much you (don’t) care about them. What better way to show what a weirdo you are than adoring your tree with the tackiest, ugliest and just plain strangest Christmas ornaments around?



Strange Ornament #11 -Selfie Obsessed Santa

It anything is a commentary on the obsession os self, it would be loving and generous Santa turned into self-obsessed and over-sharing Santa. What bettter way to remember the me in all of us than with the Selfie Santa Ornament.



Strange Ornament #10 - Santa in a Thong:

There was a time where little girls were prone to seeing mother kissing Santa Claus, but in this get up, even the most desperate housewife is going to stay far, far away.

Strange Ornament #9 - Reindeer Sex:

This definitely is not what Santa had in mind when he said “on Dasher, on Dancer.” But whether or not they can fly, reindeer are still wild animals, which means they’re instinctually programmed to do what critters do best. Celebrate your love of nature with this wonderful ornament.

Strange Ornament #8 - Siamese Twins:

What could be weirder than the many freaky fetus ornaments I brought you on my last ornament article? One featuring a Siamese twin fetus, of course.


Strange Ornament #7 - Giant Microbes Holiday:

If you’ve ever had a cold on Christmas, caught mono under the mistletoe or gotten food poisoning from your holiday feast, then these adorable holiday Giant Microbes are a great way to remember just how sickening the holiday season can be.

Strange Ornament #6 - Tannenbomb Prank:


If you’re looking for the perfect ornament to buy a friend that you love to annoy, this is it. The Tannenbomb ornament incorporates ThinkGeek’s famous annoy-a-tron technology into a festive decoration. Once hung on the branches of a tree, the ornament periodically emit beeps, mosquito buzzes, crickets chirps, and elf giggles at random intervals.

Strange Ornament #5 - Poo and Pee:

They’re so cute…too bad their real life counterparts stink like hell. Even so, it’s nice to be able to put pee and poop on your Christmas tree long before your cat or dog marks his territory on it.

Strange Ornament #4 - Yoda Tree Topper and Star Wars Christmas lights:


Forget your boring old angel tree toppers and Christmas lights. This year, Yoda will be your holy guide or shining star while R2-D2 lights the cold winter nights.

Strange Ornament #3 - Frodo:

Nothing says Christmas like a perilous death march to Mordor, but hey, if you’ve always wanted a life-size (I kid) replica of Elijah Wood for the holidays, here’s your chance.

Strange Ornament #2 - Farting Santa & Reindeer:

There’s something so distinctly hillbilly about these farting Christmas ornaments. If you still think “get her done” jokes are funny, you might be a redneck, and you might be the perfect customer for anyone selling this kind of kitsch junk.

Strange Ornament #1 - Christmas Santapede:

If the Human Centipede puts you in the Christmas spirit, you should be visiting a shrink, not shopping on Etsy. But hey, at least they have Santa hats.

Hope you enjoy this list of 11 weird and bizarre Christmas ornaments. I am always looking for more strange ornaments so please share with me your your favorite finds in the comments below.

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