12 Really Gross Disgusting Things You Can Buy On Amazon


Trying to find the perfect gift idea? Over the years Amazon has grown to become the go-to place for just about anything you're looking to buy online. Tube socks?  Turtlenecks?  Turtle food? Amazon has got you covered! Amazon is also home to a plethora of downright gag-worthy products. If you feel like taking a break from the pursuit of the perfect gift and getting grossed out sounds like fun, dig in to this selection of one dozen fresh-from-the-oven batch of nasty. Here's what you definitely don't want to be getting or giving as a gift this year:

As we review some of the most gag-worthy items Amazon has to offer, make sure you aren't eating anything before you start reading. You've been warned.


1.    Thumbs Up Horsehead Pillow

An offer you can’t refuse, Godfather-style. Not for the faint of heart but you will get your message across loud and clear.

Horsehead PillowHorsehead Pillow

2. Unfortunately Realistic Bloody Heart Replica

This heart even squishes like the real thing.  If you actually find yourself in the market for a heart, you can't go wrong with this model.

Bloody HeartBloody Heart

3. Cherry-Filled Bleeding Gumball Eyes

These eye-shaped gumballs are full of ooey-gooey cherry filling that splatters into your mouth with every bite.  We've heard of eye candy, but this is ridiculous! Great to hand out to trick or treaters, though.

Gumball EyesGumball Eyes

4. Head In A Jar

If you ever wished you could have a handy jar of a decapitated head sitting in your pantry, well you're in luck. This  not quite full sizedhead sits around in a jar that you can add food coloring and water to to make it even more disgusting.



5. Cigarette Butt Smokers Mug

As disgusting as this gag mug is, it's actually pretty genius. Who hasn't taken a drink from a cup only to see a cigarette butt on the bottom? It's THE. WORST.  And that's why this mug is kind of the best.

Smoker's MugSmoker's Mug

6. Canned Unicorn Meat

Now  you can feast on your fondest childhood memories with Canned Unicorn Meat! Quite possibly the most disturbing thing about this product is there's no indication as to what kind of meat is ACTUALLY in the can. Could it really be unicorn meat?


7.   Corn Poop Shaped Bar Soap

Each and every one of these soaps are full of unfortunate detail, right down to the bits of corn. Every 6" bar of poop soap is uniquely shaped and sized, just like the real thing. Despite all thoughts to the contrary, the corn poop shaped soap leaves your hands smelling amazingly fresh.

Poop SoapPoop Soap

8. One Pound of Fat Replica

This item is clearly intended for people who don’t have enough fat already.  It is also great for reminding yourself what fat looks like on your hips, for those times you are tempted by the quart of ice cream.

Pound of FatPound of Fat

9. Unhealthy Foot Care Kit

This is just nasty. We understand it is a patient teaching aid for diabetic foot ulcers, but still downright gross. It would be a fantastic Halloween prop, though!

Bad FeetBad Feet

10. Smell Like A Cat Lady Soap

Packaged in a collectible tin, Crazy Cat Lady Soap lets you smell exactly like that one lady down the block. The one you almost never see. Bonus cat fur and hairballs are sold separately.

Crazy Cat Lady SoapCrazy Cat Lady Soap

11. Get Bloody Bath Shower Gel

Have you ever dreamed of showering in the blood of your enemies. Stay out of prison by using the Blood Bath Shower Gel instead.  This refreshing gel leaves your skin baby-soft as you rinse away any lingering homicidal urges.

Blood BathBlood Bath

12. Creepy Cuts Bloody Body Parts

Tasty fake flesh for supper or the feast table at a haunted house. Features fingers, eyeballs, and other assorted delicacies

Bloody FingersBloody Fingers

Creepy CutsCreepy Cuts

Had enough? Amazon is full of this stuff, just waiting to be discovered. Let us know what you find? Can you find something evenmore gross or disgusting on Amazon?


Originally published  November 2013, and updated on May 2015.

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