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The 12 Best Toys Of 2010: Toy Industry Awards

5. Electronic Entertainment Toy of the Year" Rubik's TouchCube,Technosource

A solvable Rubik's Cube that's all electronic!  Each square lights up and slides like the original Cube, by simply swiping your finger across the square. It's a light show and a puzzle in one.  Entertainment and a challenge.  The best part of Rubik's TouchCube is that it includes a built-in solver, so you can get hints that help you learn how to solve it.




6. Game of the Year: Sort It Out, University Games

It's a board game, a card game, an electronic game... however you want to play it.  A great game for family play, you get to guess at the answers before you find out what they really are.




7. Infant Toy of the Year: Crayola Beginnings Color Me A Song, Crayola

Toddlers can create salsa, rock, swing, and country music just by coloring.  As they scribble faster, the music gets faster; as they slow down, so the music goes. Buttons for four different instruments that can layer the music.