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The 12 Dogs Of Christmas... An Exclusive Peek At Their Holiday Wish Lists


The 4th Dog of Christmas Wants A Cashmere Dog Sweater

Luscious cashmere sweaters are lovingly hand-made from recycled cashmere and appliqued with unique figures by Deborah Lindquist.  This Yorkshire Terrier looks smart in peach!





The Fifth Dog Of Christmas Wants A Mercedes Benz Dog T-Shirt

This  Lhasa Apsos has some good taste too; a t-shirt to match his coloring... and Mercedes yet!  Made just like your own Mercedes Benz T-Shirt, to fit the contours of his body.  Next Christmas?  He's asking for the car!




The Sixth Dog of Christmas Wants An Extreme Dog Toy

This Welsh Terrier would have taken any of the three Extreme Dog Toys he found at Firebox.com, but his preference leaned toward the Wrestler because this toy really made him mad!



You should hear what that Extreme Wrestler shouts out when a dog starts playing with it!  Oh... you can?



Be careful what you wish for!


The Seventh Dog Of Christmas Wants A Pucci Warm-Up Suit

I guess this spaniel wanted to attract the attention of the Jack Russell in the blue Pucci warm-up suit.  Looks like she did alright. What do you think they're planning off in the distance there? A honeymoon in the Bahamas? Probably.





The Eighth Dog Of Christmas Wants A Toasty Tri-Color Parka

This Silky Terrier is no fool; he's going with his family this winter wherever they go - skiing or sledding or making trails in the mountains.  He'll be there and nice and warm in the Jacob Parka, this fleece-lined, nylon quilted jacket, with a removable faux-fur hoodie.  He's so cool... I mean hot... warm?



Dec 7, 2009
by Anonymous

The 12 Dogs of Christmas

They are all cute. I'm sure Dog owners will love these photos.

Dec 7, 2009
by Anonymous

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not letting me view all the pages

Dec 9, 2009
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