The 12 Dogs Of Christmas... An Exclusive Peek At Their Holiday Wish Lists


The Ninth Dog Of Christmas Wants A Basic Black Parka

The Maltese fell for the sexy Fashion Pet Sleek Black Parka, a better contrast to her bright white fur. She does look rather fetching in it.  The outside quilted nylon cover and fleece lining will keep her body warm and the close-fitting knitted sleeves will keep the air from traveling up her little legs.  Well-conceived, especially those back pockets where goodies can be stored!  (Also available in red.)




The Tenth Dog Of Christmas Wants Red Long Johns!

Another Westie who likes her pj's warm.  The Fashion Pet Long John Thermal Dog Pajamas are what she put at the top of her list.  It's rough living on Lake Michigan in winter, especially when your parents won't let you sleep on their bed.




The Eleventh Dog Of Christmas Wants A Pair Of Doggles Dog Goggles

Now this Golden Retriever must have read my columns about protective eye-wear for dogs, because all that she wanted for Christmas was a pair of Doggles.  And she told me to remind you all that there's a lot of glare in winter from cloudy skies to snowy banks.  Not only that, she said, but it's windy, and dust particles can scratch their precious eyes!



And... The Twelfth Dog Of Christmas Wants A Louis Vuitton Hoodie!

Hounds love designer clothes; but many fashion houses these days focus on the little guys.  Now, doesn't he look absolutely stunning?



Big Dog Clothes proves that fashion for big dogs can be every bit as elegant as these gorgeous hoodies inspired by Louis Vuitton and Coach designs.  Available from



 Hope your dog's Christmas wishes come true!


That's the buzz for today!


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Dec 7, 2009
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The 12 Dogs of Christmas

They are all cute. I'm sure Dog owners will love these photos.

Dec 7, 2009
by Anonymous

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not letting me view all the pages

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