12 Eye-Popping Social Media Pillows - Because Every Geek Needs An Icon To Hug

I always say it's never too early to shop for Christmas, or any other special occasion.  When you see something you know would be perfect for a special friend or relative, get it.  This is especially true for the social media and icon pillows from Craftsquatch. They are all handmade by order, so don't wait any longer to buy them up for your geek friends.

Detailed and cleanly drawn, the Craftsquatch icon pillow shells are made of soft fleece and the pillow stuffing is polyester making the pillows cuddly - squishable, but resilient enough to bounce back into shape.  Craftsquatch work is clean and sharp; the icons really stand out - so, in addition to being cushy, the social media and icon pillows are visually very striking.

Most pillows are 12 by 12 inches and they are modestly priced, especially considering they are handmade creations.


1.  The Anonymous (Anony) Tweet Pillow

Several pillows, like the Tweet, are available in a range of colors...


Tweet Social Media Pillow by CraftsquatchTweet Social Media Pillow by Craftsquatch


Tweet Social Media Pillow by CraftsquatchTweet Social Media Pillow by Craftsquatch

 (available here)


2.  Facebook Icon Pillow

I love how the Facebook Icon was made, using both opaque and transparent materials for the logo.


Facebook Pillow by CraftsquatchFacebook Pillow by Craftsquatch


3.  MySpace Pillow 


MySpace Pillow by CraftsquatchMySpace Pillow by Craftsquatch

(available here

 4.  Reddit Alien Pillow


Reddit Alien Icon Pillow by CraftsquatchReddit Alien Icon Pillow by Craftsquatch


5.  Adobe CS4 Icon Series Pillows

For photo-geeks, here are five icons based on Adobe's CS4 program. They are sold separately.


Adobe CS4 Icon Series Pillows by CraftsquatchAdobe CS4 Icon Series Pillows by Craftsquatch


6.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Pillow Set

What a clever pillow set for youngsters and teens!


Teenage Mutant Ninja Pillow Set by CraftsquatchTeenage Mutant Ninja Pillow Set by Craftsquatch


7.   Teenage Mutant Pillows Fight Back (or Don't Cross Swords With Me!)

Craftsquatch designed four pillows ready to give the 'even Shredder' a run for his money.  Here is one of the four designs..


Teenage Mutant Ninja Pillow by CraftsquatchTeenage Mutant Ninja Pillow by Craftsquatch  


8.  RSS Feed Icon Pillow


RSS Feed Icon Pillow by CraftsquatchRSS Feed Icon Pillow by Craftsquatch

(available here

9.  Pointer & Click/Drag Icons Pillow

What would any of us computer geeks do without these?  One of Craftsquatches newest designs, the Pointer and Click/Drag pillow is 15 x 10 inches.


Arrow Cursor Pillow by CraftsquatchArrow Cursor Pillow by Craftsquatch


10.  Android Icon Pillow

Finally, we get to some Google icons!


Android Icon Pillow by CraftsquatchAndroid Icon Pillow by Craftsquatch


11.   The Gmail Pillow

Isn't this striking?


  (available here

12.  Google Icon Pillows

The newest pillow design is the Google Chrome...


Google icon pillow by CraftsquashGoogle icon pillow by Craftsquash


And here is the dazzling Google icon.  I just love this one.


Google icon pillow, evolved by CraftsquashGoogle icon pillow, evolved by Craftsquash


Craftsquatch now has 28 pillows for sale, but next week it may be fewer, or more, or different, because the pillows sometimes morph or evolve into a different design.

Yes, Craftsquatch does custom work, and you can contact the company by emailing Justin@craftsquatch.com.  To view all works by Craftsquatch, or to purchase its social media and icon pillows, visit the Craftsquatch shop. Some of the pillows are also available here on Amazon.

Tipped off by my geeky friend Steve, I followed his nose to Home Quotient, and then followed my own geeky nose to Craftsquatch and Facebook.



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Apr 30, 2012
by Anonymous

are those available for purchase?

are those available for purchase?
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