12 Fashions Made From Strange, Cool And Innovative Materials

Sometimes the appeal is not the fashion itself, but what it's made from. Check out these strange, cool and innovative fashions which are all interesting for the materials used in the design, but not necessarily about the style of the fashions themselves.

#12 - Sonogram Cufflinks

Sonogram CufflnksSonogram Cufflnks

What proud poppa wouldn't want to keep his bundle of joy close at hand wherever they go? These sonogram cufflinks are made from photos that can be submitted for custom men's accessories! These cufflinks are made from only the coolest material because of the sentimental value involved and could make the coolest gift for any dapper daddy!

#11 - Recycled Street Sign Briefcase

Recycled Street Sign BriefcaseRecycled Street Sign Briefcase

It's not just women who hate showing up at the office or party wearing the same outfit or carrying the same accessory as somebody else; men can encounter this same problem. With the one-of-a-kind Recycled Street Sign Briefcase, men never have to worry about that uncomfortable moment when they're matching their co-worker, or god forbid, their boss. These briefcases are actually made from street signs salvaged from city streets, so they come with a story; men who carry these accessories might not know what they are, but they can at least make them up.

#10 - Guitar String Bracelets

Wear Your Music BraceletsWear Your Music Bracelets

Any musician who plays the guitar knows that guitar strings are a casualty that goes along with playing; they break, they wear down and they just don't last very long. Rather than finding themselves in landfills, Wear Your Music is turning discarded guitar strings from rock stars and famous musicians into bracelets. Not only do you get a little token from your favorite music icon, a portion of the proceeds also go towards a charity of their choice.

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#9 - Nintendo Purse

Nintendo PurseNintendo Purse

Made with a chip that contains data from a Commodore and an original Nintendo, this purse is truly retro. Especially since it's also equipped with an LED screen and Nintendo Controller to make game play possible. For the geeky gamer, is there a better material to create a fashion accessory than retro video games?


Aug 27, 2009
by Anonymous


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