12 Wacky Products to Light Up Your Life

I concede that decor and decoration is a very personal matter. Everyone has different tastes and preferences. It's true that people tend to find different things interesting. But there is a fine line where something turns from interesting and unusual to wacky and just plain weird. Here are my picks for the top twelve wackiest products that people use to light up their homes and their lives. Do you think these are wacky or wondrous?

12. Knight Nite-Light

"This fully-realized Knight in shining armor is complete to the last detail and stands ten inches tall."


11. Floating Fake Fish Lamp

"All the fun of an aquarium, without having to worry about your fish dying. These fish are easy to care for. Just plug them in and watch them swim. Realistic movement in front of a changing background."

See it here.


10. One Girl's Leg Lamp

"Straight from the classic film A Christmas Story, this is the official replica Leg Lamp. It's a leg, it's a lamp, it's funny, and you NEED one."


9. Light House Lamp

"This unusual 12" tall metal lighthouse lamp has three candle arms. It is painted gold with red detail. The very top comes off to replace the "beacon bulb" when necessary. The switch is nestled in among the rocks on the base."

See it here.

8. A Lamp for a Head Lamp

What more could you ask for in a table lamp? The Diva Lamp's studs and skins take you to the wild side.

See it here.

7. Lots of Test Tubes Lamp

"With its Bakelite black box, toggle switch, mirror top, dimmer knob (a factory replacement for a Fender Telecaster guitar) and bulbs that evoke the vacuum tubes of high-end amplifiers, this lamp was designed as a tribute to high-end audio amplifiers."

See it here.

6. Fake Gumball Machine Lamp

"Pretty dopey lava lamp... There are some nice design features here, like the custom globe shape... Remember kids, don't eat the lava.

See it here.

5. Ball of Feathers Lamp

"This soft fluffy feather lamp is exactly the thing to add a little touch of femininity to a room. White downy feathers during the day turn pink at night when lit up!"

See it here

4. Alien Droppings Lamp

"Weird UFO?Alien Plasma Lamp"See it here.


3. There is Too Much Wind in the Room Lamp

"Spiral Pleat Light" See it here.


2. I Don't Feel Clear Headed Today Lamp

"Head Shaped Lava Lamps. See it here.

1. Fried Brain? Glowing Brain Lamp

Electric charge passing through a hand-blown glass brain hypnotizes you with an amazing lightning show." See it here.

May 28, 2006
by Anonymous (not verified)

What You Didn't See in the Lamps?

(12) Knight Nite-Light: Pull out the hidden, retractable penis-shaped flashlight

(11) Floating Fake Fish Lamp: Has an optional automatic flusher for realistic-looking pretend funeral that helps to prepare children for death of their future fish and other pets

(10) One Girl's Leg Lamp: Three-way bulb is activated by shaking a leg

( 9) Lighthouse Lamp: Beeper tells you when you missed the boat

( 8) A Lamp for a Head lamp: Lampshade can be lifted so she can see the light of day

( 7) Lots of Test Tubes Lamp: Serves as a 9-month pregnancy counter with periodic, random baby screams to prepare you for childbirth

( 6) Fake Gumball Machine Lamp: Built-in low battery indicator--lava turns gray when batteries need replaced

( 5) Ball of Feathers Lamp: Ear muffs can be removed when you want to hook the lamp to your "Clap on/Clap off" machine

( 4) Alien Droppings Lamp: Is really a Penis-shaped kerosene lamp with safety condom to prevent accidental fires

( 3) There is Too Much Wind in the Room Camp: Elton John's "Candle in the Wind"?

( 2) I Don't Feel Clear Headed Today Lamp: Daylight Savings Time Lamp Duo--switch heads instead of turning the hands forward or backward

( 1) Fried Brain? Blowing Brain Lamp: Brain-wave Sleep Cycle Lamp--brightens and dims according to your stage of sleep. Clever and accurate alarm clock blares at the onset of a nightmare.