13 Bloody Awesome Gifts For (The Other) Shark Week

Oh bloody hell, it's that time of the month again - Shark Week. No, not that one, the other Shark Week. It's a difficult period (heh, get it?) for everyone involved so why not try to make it a little more tolerable with some of these awesome gifts for your special lady time.

1. Angry Uterus Heating Pad 

There's something cute about this angry uterus and though she be but bloody, she offers pain relief. This handmade uterus-shaped creation is actually a reusable heating/cooling pad and is available on Etsy in different styles.

2. Giant Hershey Bar


Now that we've got our pain under control, let's satisfy our insatiable hunger for chocolate. Regular sized candy bars just don't quite cut it this time of the month. Ladies, eat your uterus out with this giant 5 pound Hershey bar.

3. Dammit Doll

It's no secret us ladies tend to feel a bit violent during "that time." Cut your loved ones a break and take your anger out on one of these instead. Dammit Dolls are popular handmade gifts that, according to the hilarious poem sewn onto their bellies, you whack any time you're feeling frustrated while yelling, "Dammit!""Dammit!""Dammit!"

4. Oh Bloody Hell 

Pour yourself a cup and relax a bit with this classy yet sassy white ceramic "Oh, Bloody Hell" coffee mug. It's the simple things in life.

5. Uterus Plush

This adorable get a womb uterus plush could be the unofficial mascot of PMS (although I'm sure it wouldn't look that happy). Cuddle up with this fun little ball of...tissue, and say "nope" to all your cares.

6. Vampire Tea Bags Makeup Pouch


Get a good laugh (just be sure not to laugh too hard) with this hilarious vampire tea bags pouch that can store your makeup, pencils, pads, tampons, mini bottles of booze, or whatever strikes your fancy.

7. Feed Me & Tell Me I'm Pretty

If you want to survive intact, just follow the instructions on this shirt and then back away slowly. Wear this hilarious "feed me and tell me I'm pretty" T-shirt as a common courtesy to unfortunate people who get caught in the path of your destruction.

8. Sweary Adult Coloring Book

They say adult coloring books can help reduce stress. Blow off some extra steam with this sweary adult coloring book featuring fun curse words.

9. Spray The Bitch Away

Ah, smells like raging hormones. Cool that temper off with pleasant notes of clary sage, rose, geranium, and frankincense with Spray the Bitch Away aromatherapy spray.

10. Adult Onesie

Pants are a woman's arch nemesis when we're feeling gross and bloated. Protest against restricting clothing and channel your inner mythical beast with this comfy and majestic adult unicorn onesie.

11. PMS Mints

Breath smelling a bit PMS-ey? Go ahead and pop one of these PMS mints to freshen up.

12. Nope Pillow Cover

Menstruating ladies, assume the position. The "Nope" position. Put this adorable "Nope" pillow cover on your softest throw and get ready for some hardcore snuggle action.

13. Harebrained Period Panties

What do periods and horror movies have in common? Blood, horror, gore, screaming, feeling stabby in more ways than one, the list could go on and on and on. Cover your tush with these awesome period panties from Harebrained that feature various horror movie and story book icons. Who knew blood and violence could be so cute?

Periods suck, period. Make your special lady time a little more tolerable with some of these awesome period gifts that will totally have you bleeding love.

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