13 Fun Ways To Play With Your Food This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to remember America’s beginnings, when the Pilgrims and the Native Americans made peace and broke bread together. It also is a time for family and friends to gather around the table for food and thankfulness, followed by football and some more football. Evidently, it can also be a time for super-silliness. Here are some ridiculous and fun ways to play with your food this Thanksgiving:

 The Turkey QueenThe Turkey Queen

The Turkey Queen will take us on a tour of the Thanksgiving table.

The Honored Guest is Such a Turkey!

 Funny TurkeyFunny Turkey

 Image: egotvonline

This is what happens when people get into the cooking wine too early in the day.

Turkeys in the Hot TubTurkeys in the Hot Tub

Image: jawdrops

These classy birds are chillin’ in the hot tub this holiday season.  Someone needs to put a beer in their hands – wings – whatever.

Football TurkeyFootball Turkey


Go team!

Sad Thanksgiving Day DinnerSad Thanksgiving Day Dinner

 Image: 3.bp

This is what happens when you don’t thaw the bird in time. Subway turkey sandwich on white bun. Sad. Plan ahead!

 Naughty Girl TurkeyNaughty Girl Turkey

Image: Buck'sWorld

Everybody wants the breast meat, right? Someone has been very naughty. We are not sure if they are playing with their food, or the food is playing with them.



An Ode To Side Dishes...


Veggie TurkieVeggie Turkie
Living Happy and Healthy’s Veggie Turkey Spread. Nice try, now pass the sweet potato pie!

 Turkey PizzaTurkey Pizza
Or Turkey Pizza, for those not in the holiday spirit.

The Best For Last...Desserts!


Turkey Cake PopsTurkey Cake Pops

 Image: ocpopshoppe

Turkey Cake Pops. Hasn’t this cake pop craze claimed enough victims already?

Eat Me Turkey CakeEat Me Turkey Cake
 Image: babble
I think this poor bird is making an excellent case for not eating him. His tummy icing seems a bit poop-tiful.

Epic Turkey Cake FailEpic Turkey Cake Fail

 Image: media.heavy

Another horrific turkey cake fail. What on earth is wrong with people?

 Drumstick Rice Krispie TreatsDrumstick Rice Krispie Treats

 Image: themeparkfoodie

Turkey drumstick rice krispie treats from Disney World.

 Turkey CookiesTurkey Cookies

 Image: EdibleCanvasCreations

Turkey Cookies, incorporating some of the more common memes in Thanksgiving food fail. This definitely looks tastier than what can be made from this surprisingly ugly Turkey Cookie Making Kit.

Of course you should send everyone home with some turkey lollipops so they will remember the unforgettable meal.

So what do you think of the fun ways to play with food shown here? Have any better ideas? Share with us your best and tastiest holiday hilarity!

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