'140 Mafia' Is Going To Make A Killing On Twitter

Similar to Mob Wars on Facebook and a series of other copy-cat virtual crime games, 140 Mafia, a mafia-style role playing app has just launched on Twitter. For all those mafioso junkies who are still experiencing withdrawal ever since the Sopranos faded to white, Super Rewards, a leading provider of online games can provide you with just that fix you've been jonseing for!

140 Mafia will have you committing crimes and taking no prisoners while earning special favor points from a fictional Godfather. Using these points you can increase your arsenal of weapons that will allow you to commit higher-paying crimes and earn prizes that range from ringtone subscriptions to discounts on video games.

As this Tutorial warns, the "Godfather has selected you to start a new Mob family. It's not going to be easy...you're going to have to recruit your friends, buy the best weaponry, and mange your business dealings shrewdly."

As seen from this screen shot...140 Mafia, like other Twitter-integrated games, lets you choose a variety of tweets to automatically send or not send to your followers.

140 Mafia will use "virtual currency" on the social networking site, providing a money-making platform that experts believe could fuel Twitter's success. This currency lets users pay for game-playing advantages. From the Godfather, tweeps can buy virtual health, money and ammunition with their real credit cards or bank accounts.

Super Rewards Chief Executive Jason Bailey said his company is currently on track to make close to $100 million in revenue this year through the games' success on Facebook and MySpace, as well as iPhone applications.

Bailey believes that Twitter, which is new to the virtual currency frontier, could lay down Apple-like ground rules for future games and make a killing off of it. But, he added that, "Twitter seems content to not make money. It's all about eyeballs with them."

There are only a few Twitter games out now, but it appears that this trend will continue to grow as more and more of the Twitterati invest the time and moeny into learning the games from the inside out. In the case of 140 Mafia, I think it's got a 'hit' on its hands... and you can be the next 'twit man' hired to give it a shot!



Jul 12, 2009
by Anonymous

way to go copycats

wow more praise for another copycat, where's the innovation? by the way this game sucks bigtime, it won't be around for very long, it's just getting buzz cause it's on twitter.